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Geek Bits: STAR TREK Shower, Alan Taylor Hates THOR 2 Credits and More [Links]

Godzilla Size Comparison Source
What's wrong with Pacific Rim? What if Blade Runner were made in the 1940s? Who should be in the Star Wars Middle Trilogy? How can you turn your bathroom into the USS Enterprise?

Find out in this week's 10 geekiest bits of the Internet.


10. The Ultimate Guide to Evil Cats in Science Fiction and Fantasy (via io9)

9. Cool Sci-Fi Space Exploration Short - TELESCOPE (via Geek Tyrant)
Description: "The year is 2183. Earth is dead. With all evidence of organic life lost, a cosmic archaeologist travels faster than light into deep space to capture images of the once vibrant planet. When his vessel is damaged he must take matters into his own hands, risking his life to witness humanity’s lost home."
TELESCOPE from Telescope on Vimeo.

8. 'Pacific Rim' Honest Trailer (via Geeky Nerfherder)
As much as I love this movie, this trailer really makes it look stupid. Watch at your own risk. "Pacific Rim was the summer's hottest film about robots punching monsters. How can you possibly mess that up?"

7. Blade Runner Trailer Done As Classic Film Noir (via Blah Blah Blah Yackity Smackity)

6. Director Alan Taylor Cites ‘Batman Begins’ as Inspiration for ‘Terminator’ Reboot(via /Film)
I then asked, hypothetically, how he would handle a franchise that had such a strong start (The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day) but has since left such a bad taste in fan’s mouths (Terminator: Rise of the Machines, Terminator: Salvation). He said the following.
"We all love the first two and I actually went back and watched them again and my respect level only went up. I think there is another famous franchise that had a wonderful beginning and then turned a little bananas….Tim Burton’s first Batman is just glorious and by the time it got around to nipples on costumes and all that stuff it sort of lost its way. And for [Christopher] Nolan to come in an say ‘I respect this material so much I’m going to take it up to *here,* that’s a great inspiration.’ I think any version, whoever is directing Terminator, would be very respectful and serve the first two and probably feel a bit more freedom by the end."
5. Seven Characters necessary for a Star WarsMiddle Trilogy (via Scouring Monk)

4. Star Trek TOS Transporter Room Shower Curtain and Bath Mat (via Think Geek)
Very few of us can afford to turn our house into the USS Enterprise. But now we can, at least, remodel our bathroom. This Star Trek Transporter Room Bath Mat & Shower Curtain Set[Image] by Think Geek has a mat and curtain to transport you to Vulcan every morning. Beam me up Scotty. And pass the soap.

3. Alan Taylor Not Too Fond Of the Mid-Credits Scene For THOR: THE DARK WORLD (via Comic Book Movie)
Spoiler Warning! As I speculated, The Collector shows up in the Thor 2 movie mid-credits teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy. And Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor hates it.

Taylor was asked if he directed it. "I absolutely did not. I am very happy to not take responsibility," he answered. Can we assume it was James Gunn? "I wouldn’t blame it on James Gunn... Er… I wouldn’t attribute it to James Gunn… it’s clearly his sets and his characters…" When asked if he's not comfortable with the stinger, Alan Taylor reiterated, "I am very happy not to take responsibility for that…" When asked about the different tone, Alan Taylor elaborated, "It's a different tone. I would have shot it differently. But I think it's cool that it reaches out and touches that other universe. That universe is coming. The Guardiansuniverse is really cool and wacky... but that sequence in the credits, I would say, is the only part of the movie where I'm happy to give the credit away..."
Thor: The Dark World opens in the UK cinemas and IMAX on October 30th and then across the US on November 8th.

2. Gotham City University and Metropolis City University Football Jerseys from SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN (via Collider)

Last week filming began on Superman vs. Batman during halftime at the football game at East Los Angeles College Weingart Stadium. The filming took less than 20 minutes, but photos of the football jerseys leaked online. The film stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, and Lawrence Fishburne. The as-yet untitled Man of Steel sequel opens July 17, 2015.

1. Long Lost LaserDisc Found, Features Behind-The-Scenes Star Wars Footage (via Gizmodo)
"Someone has just found a disc full of behind the scenes, never before seen footage from Return of the Jedi. Two clips were uploaded to a Facebook page yesterday: a silent 59 seconds of R2-D2 repairing Luke’s X-Wing on Dagobah, and a minute of Frank Oz getting fed lines and doing Yoda like only he can (which, in the end, sounds like quite a strain on the ol’ vocal cords)."



Arrow(02x02) "Identity" - Recommended

Synopsis: "DC COMICS’ BRONZE TIGER AND CHINA WHITE WREAK HAVOC ON THE GLADES — Oliver (Stephen Amell) finds out the medicine that is being sent to Glades Memorial is being hijacked by thieves. Without an influx of supplies, the hospital will close. Roy (Colton Haynes) attempts to stop the thieves, but he fails and is arrested by Officer Lance (Paul Blackthorne). Oliver gets into a heated battle with China White (guest star Kelly Hu) and her new partner, Ben Turner, AKA the Bronze Tiger (guest star Michael Jai White), over the supplies. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) makes plans to catch the Arrow, and Thea (Willa Holland) gives Roy an ultimatum. Nick Copus directed the episode written by Ben Sokolowski & Beth Schwartz (#202)"
Green Arrow sets out on his first "non-list" mission and ends up getting into a bigger fight than he realized. Laurel is getting a real dark side with her hatred of "The Hood." The best part of the show are the fights between Bronze Tiger and Arrow, but I was kind of disappointed. Other than slicing the arrows out of the air (which was pretty cool) he didn't show any of the qualities I was expecting. Maybe next time. One really cool thing is he finally starts using trick arrows like his taser arrow and his bolo rope arrow. Still a good episode, but not as good as I expected. The cliffhanger ending is great.

Arrow (02x03) "Broken Dolls" - Recommended

Synopsis: "OFFICER LANCE’S PAST PUTS LAUREL IN DANGER — Lance (Paul Blackthorne) learns a criminal named Barton Mathis (guest star Michael Eklund), whom he put away years ago, broke out of prison during the quake and is back to torturing and murdering women. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) offers herself as bait so Arrow (Stephen Amell), Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lance can catch this villain, but the plan goes awry. Furious, Mathis kidnaps Laurel (Katie Cassidy) in retaliation and plans to murder her while Lance watches. Meanwhile, Thea (Willa Holland) and Oliver are stunned when District Attorney Adam Donner (guest star Dylan Bruce) seeks the death penalty for Moira (Susanna Thompson). Oliver asks Roy (Colton Haynes) to help him find the Canary (Caity Lotz). Glen Winter directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Keto Shimizu."
This is the best episode of the season. The "Dollmaker" is a terrifying villain who forces a liquid down his victim's throat to embalm them alive and dresses them as dolls for the police to find. The island flashbacks seemed a lot more important than they had in the last episode. Black Canary was a real highlight.

What did you think of this week's links?

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  1. I'm a little surprised they've started filming the Superman/Batman movie yet. Do they even have a script for it? Now that Arrow is on Netflix Instant I'll have to get around to watching it at some point.

  2. have to catch up on arrow, the blade runner thing... awesome! great post.

  3. I must get one of those shower curtains!
    Still see no need to reboot Terminator.
    I remember reading that the first Godzilla was four hundred feet tall and he shrunk for a while, but I guess not.
    And I have been watching Arrow on NetFlix - it's a fun show.

  4. I always like the Honest Trailer even for movies I love.
    I am loving Arrow. I need more Michael Jai White!

  5. And just when I stop watching Arrow gets good! Damn! Will check it out, thanks for the review! Love the godzilla movies - all of them!

  6. I started watching Arrow last week and have been binge watching. Recommended to Husband Unit and he's binge watching, too. It's really very good.

  7. Classic stuff Yolanda. Arrow is must see TV for me.

  8. It's probably best to watch them all close together and Mpax. That's a good idea! Let me know how it goes.

  9. I can't wait for White to come back David. As for the honest trailer they're all good. Did you see the one for Superman IV?

  10. Yeah I thought the same thing Alex, so the chart may be off. What episode are you up to?

  11. He posted it the same day as your shirt Jeremy. It's unofficial Blade Runner week!

  12. I just went to see it, thanks that was a great!

  13. That's my favorite. The movie is awful!

    -------- Original message --------

  14. I'm actually a big fan of the second two Terminator movies, but a reboot sounds about right at this point.

  15. If my wife would allow it I would totally get the shower curtain and rug.

    I don't see what the big deal is with the Thor post credits scene. Dude needs to chill IMO


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