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Breaking Bad Rises [Video]

Check out this "Breaking Bad Rises" animated fake movie trailer.  "In an alternate universe, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman find themselves in Gotham City."

What do you think of the trailer? Who do you think would win: Heisenberg or Batman?

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  1. It would be tough, but Batman would still win.

  2. I remember hearing that Loki wasn't going to be in this movie. Glad they were wrong!

  3. Oh yeah Ms.Mariah. He's all up in this one.

  4. If only you knew why his hair was messed up and it wasn't this bad for the whole movie when he was is prison at the start. It got messed up because of the think that both Loki and Thor are fighting for. There will be a third Thor and I've heard there will be a Loki movie.


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