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8 Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Photos of PLANET OF THE APES

Planet of the Apes was a groundbreaking scifi movie in terms of story, music, set design, and makeup. These photos taken in 1967 give a glimpse of what it was like between takes while filming the movie; actors lounging around in ape makeup. That must have been one crazy set.


What do you think of the photos?

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  1. The hats make it!
    I imagine it was difficult to eat in that makeup.

  2. Haha, love the hats!

  3. I bet those masks were really hot and uncomfortable to work in day after day. But I sense you could get a Caption This or two from this article.

  4. They look cool wearing the sunglasses!

  5. In some strange way, it almost makes the movie feel more real--like there really are these people, lol! Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  6. This is one movie I hated! Is that too strong? Don't care - I did / do hate this movie! All of them! Really! LOL


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