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Aliens in the Movies by Marcus Varner [Infographic]

There are a lot of aliens that have appeared in movies and Marcus Varner set out to make a definitive infographic of all their appearances.

Varner said, "As a culture, we have been enamored with the idea of life beyond this planet for over a hundred years. In 1902, a silent film called “A Trip to the Moon” was the first movie to ever portray extraterrestrial life and there have been many more in its wake. We've seen stories of aliens who sought to destroy the Earth, some who have abducted humans out of curiosity, and some who were just misunderstood. Here is a comprehensive list of all notable movies to ever portray extraterrestrials, both good ones and evil ones."

            Aliens In The Movies

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Via http://visual.ly/aliens-movies

Which is your favorite alien? How have aliens changed over the years?

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  1. I like the infographic. I found that if I turned my laptop sideways I was able to read it better. It is nice that it has a wide array of movies. I love that it included the Coneheads!

  2. Honestly, I would love to see aliens as beautiful as well as highly intelligent. I'm sick of the ugly beast or lizard like depictions! We are the bloodthirsty kill him because they are ugly race - and while I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder - come on. Besides we'd fall for their lies so much faster if they were everything we weren't - they could conquer us quicker because our vanity would insure our gullibility and greed. And no, not lizards covered with a fake beauty like V but the real thing!

  3. David's comment made me chuckle!
    Aliens have really taken over the cinema the past few decades.

  4. Yolanda, my wife would say that an army of Ronon's from Stargate Atlantis could conquer her anytime.

  5. That's a lot of aliens. I still love the ones from Close Encounters


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