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Would You Rather Own the Enterprise or the Death Star?

It's Tuesday, and that means another game of "Would You Rather," where we ask you to make the tough choices. In last week's question, "Would you rather have Photographic Memory or Erasable Memory," photographic memory won with 66%. This week is about the ultimate ride.

The Scenario

You walk into a used car lot, and the salesman takes you into the back room, where he gives you a unique offer. Through an error in inventory, a bankruptcy, and a rip in the spacetime continuum, it turns out they have a used USS Enterprise and an intact Death Star. Both are roughly the same price, and both are surprisingly affordable because the lot wants to get rid of them. Which would you choose?

The Ground Rules

  • The Enterprise would be the ship from the original series.
  • The Death Star would be the completed station from A New Hope.
  • You can't have both.
  • You would receive a crew to man each ship.
  • The spaceship would be yours to keep indefinitely.
  • You can do whatever you want with your new purchase. You will not be bound to the Empire or the Federation.
  • You can fix that pesky exhaust port in the Death Star.

Make your choice and give the reason why in the comments

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  1. No contest!! The Enterprise. Besides, the Death Star gets blown up at the end of A New Hope. Not good.

  2. They had replicators in the original series, right? Screw blowing up planets, replicators are the sweetest piece of sci-fi technology that no one gives much credit to.

  3. Ruling the galaxy is way better than exploring it.

  4. "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force."

    BUT IT'S COOL!!!

  5. travel in the galaxy... or deep space nine it... give me ship or give me death!

  6. I would go Enterprise, hands down. I was thinking about the Death Star flying around in space. How stupid would that look? Not to mention it would be really slow. "Activate turtle speed!"


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