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Would You Rather: Have Proof of UFOs or Fairies?

Flying Saucer (Plan 9 From Outer Space); Tinker Bell (Disney)
It's Tuesday, and once again time to play "would you rather," the game that asked you to make the hard choices. Last week's question, would you rather watch the Death Star destroyed or the Genesis planet form, 62% of you voted to watch the Genesis Planet form. This week, we'll be choosing proof of life.

The Scenario

You're out camping in the woods late at night when you come to a strange ridge. Turning a corner, you stumble across an extraordinary sight: a valley with two distinct communities at either end. At one end, you see flying saucers lined up like an airport with small gray men walking around them. At the other end, sparkling lights that are each tiny people with wings, flitting through the trees.

You don't have much time. In a half-hour, the alien spaceport and the fairy village will pack up and disappear. You have your cell phone with a built-in video camera. You also have a steel net and tranquilizer darts. You can make a video, and also capture a live specimen to show the world. The only problem is that the valley is so wide that you can't get from one to the other in time to capture both. Which one would you choose?

The Ground Rules

  • In this scenario, UFOs and fairies exist, regardless of whether you believe in them or not.
  • If you choose to prove the UFOs, you can get video of the spaceport, and capture one of the little gray men.
  • If you choose to prove the fairies, you can get video of their little village, and capture one of the fairies.
  • Your prisoner will be captured alive, long enough to be studied.
  • Once you've gotten the proof, the alien spaceport and the fairy village will pack up and disappear, never to return.
  • You only have time to capture proof of the UFOs or fairies. Once you've gotten the proof you need of one, the other will be gone. You can't do both.
  • With the proof you have, the world will turn its attention to uncovering more evidence. Extraterrestrials or fairies will become exposed and part of our world.

Make your choice, and let us know why in the comments.

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  1. I only voted for Fairies because my daughter was looking over my shoulder and telling me to go to sleep. Plus who wouldn't want to fly. It is more than learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss, you need Pixie Dust.

  2. first, how do we know that they are not one in the same... second aliens would give us a technology boost... the other gives us?

  3. Nisse SöderströmAugust 7, 2013 at 1:54 AM

    i just love the scenario when im out camping with steel nets and tranquilizer darts. sounds more like a friday night out to me ...

  4. We'd learn more from the aliens. Not sure I'd be able to shoot or net one though.

  5. I went with aliens, assuming they wouldn't want to use us as a food source or rape our planet for raw materials.

  6. Fairies? Do I look like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?


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