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Google Street View Lets You Explore the TARDIS

Google is fond of sticking little jokes and features known as "Easter eggs" in their products (my favorite was typing "do the harlem shake" into YouTube). There's a new Easter Egg in Google Maps Street View. And it is bigger on the inside. Outside the Earls Court Road underground station, there's a replica police box that has long been an attraction for Doctor Who fans because of its resemblance to the TARDIS. Well, it looks like someone at Google feels the same way, because Jalopnik discovered an Easter Egg where you can go down Earls Court in Google Street View and click on the double arrows in front of it to enter the TARDIS. Street View changes to a 360-degree view of the control room of the iconic starship. Apparently, the trick was added to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the show. For Whovians, this really is the next best thing to being there.

Click the link to visit the TARDIS on Google Street View.

What do you think of the Easter Egg? Where else would you visit on Google Street View?

[Via Jalopnik via Hero Complex]


  1. I wonder if it has a street view of Stargate's Atlantis?

  2. I saw this about a week ago. I was disappointed when you couldn't travel to the center of the TARDIS.
    This link lets you look out the Eiffel Tower. It came out back in July.


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