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Geek Bits: Best STAR TREK Movie, More IRON MAN 3 Mandarin and More [Links]

Which is the best Star Trek film?  What Marvel character will Vin Diesel be playing (Deja Vu)? How can you win a Starship Collection?

By the Way...
I went to Burlington Coat Factory for a suit and found a whole section of discounted toys including a bunch of The Dark Knight Rises action figures and Man of Steel Zod. All on sale. I don't "collect" (at least it would be a collection if I hadn't opened the boxes to display them) action figures anymore but I decided to grab a bunch to sell on eBay. I haven't sold anything on there in years, so we'll see how it goes. I might start doing it more. Buy toys. Make money. Sounds like the perfect job.

Check out in this weeks top 10  6 geekiest bits of the Internet.

6. More Mandarin – Watch A Deleted Scene From Iron Man 3 (via Bleeding Cool)
"An exclusive deleted scene featuring Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin from the "Iron Man 3" Blu-ray release." The UK release of the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray is set for September 9th, with the US release coming on September 24th.

5. Elysium Review (via Never Mind Pop Films)
"Given those issues, the overall product and positive impressions regarding all other aspects of Elysium are more than enough to recommend Blomkamp's sophomore effort. Original material like this should be rewarded."

4. STAR TREK CAPTION COMPETITION (via Comic Book and Movie)
Head over for a chance to win Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection -- "a BRAND NEW fortnightly collection of incredible Star Trek Starships models."

3. Star Trek Movies Ranked Infographic (via Alex J. Cavanaugh)
Alex shared an infographic that shows how all the Star Trek films are ranked
2.  Geeky Fall Movie Lists

1. Vin Diesel Could Play Groot In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ (via /FILM)
Despite my impassioned explanation of why Diesel should play Rocket Racoon in Guardians of the Galaxy, it loos like TS will be right. He'll be playing Groot. Considering Groot only says "I am Groot" they'll probably be expanding his character.

What do you think of this weeks links?

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  1. Thanks for posting the Star Trek movie graphic!
    Hope you have some good sales on eBay. I have a friend who does quite well selling there.
    That Star Trek image will produce some funny captions, I'm sure.
    And while Elysium wasn't great, yes, we must support science fiction films, especially original ones.

  2. I'd like Groot to pull a Silent Bob, and just deliver his catchphrase through the film, and then towards the end suddenly pop up with a speech that whips the team up.

    Did you see the Rocket Raccoon leaked footage?

  3. Why is Galaxy Quest on the list of Star Trek movies? I think most everyone would but Khan first. Motion Picture is my least favorite of the real Star Trek movies. The JJ Abrams ones I'd put lower than that. I always wonder why people like Star Trek IV so much more than Star Trek V when they have equally silly plots.

    "I am Groot" sounds about like Vin Diesel's range, lol. I heard on the news last night Fox is offering Hugh Jackman $100 million for 4 more Wolverine appearances. Earlier I'd heard they're offering $50 million to Christian Bale to play Batman in the next movies. These superhero movie paydays are out of control!

  4. Hey thanks for the shout out fellas.

    Good luck with your ebay sales, I used to do that full time. Bow down before my 6000, positive transactions. ;-)

    That Star Trek film ranking confirms my feelings that Into Darkness sux.

    Speaking of Burlington Coat Factory, there used to be a store called Maurice the Pants Man near where the 3 Guys grew up.... did you own that?

  5. I did Ebay for a while. I would buy a lot (box of) of books on the cheap, take out what was good, then replace it with others on my collection, and resale. I could make decent money, but real life got in the way. As for the links, great work. I did think he would play Vision, and I guess he still could Groot will most likely be CGI.

  6. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the "twist" on the Mandarin that IM:3 did...funny stuff :)

    Good luck on Ebay and let us know how you make out.

  7. LOL Maurice the Pants Man. I wish that had been my nickname in college. I kneel before you're eBay transactions. ;)

  8. Galaxy Quest is a strange addition, but I guess it's so close to Star Trek it fits.

    I guess when you break it down its 25 million per movie which isn't that much Pat. I'd take all of the above though.

  9. That would be a good twist TS. I missed the footage, but did find the gif of him going crazy with a machine gun.


  10. Especially the original ones Alex. I'm not trying to get rich or anything, but it sounds like fun.


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