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12 Easy Ways Batman Can Beat Superman in a Fight [List]

Batman (Christian Bale) versus Superman (Brandon Routh) Source
Here are a list of ways Batman would totally own Superman in a fight.

Batman and Superman seem like an unlikely pairing for a fight. You have a guy powerful enough to survive bullets fighting a guy that throws little bats at people. It seems like an easy win for Superman. But we have to remember Superman isn't invulnerable and Batman is the most resourceful fighter ever.

The Man of Steel sequel Superman vs. Batman means we'll get to see the two fight on screen for the first time. Think it'll be a quick fight? Think again.

Here are 12 ways Batman would easily beat Superman in a fight.

#12. Kryptonite Poisoning

Batman punching Superman with Kryptonite knuckles

Let's get the most obvious weakness out of the way early. Superman is weakened by Kryptonite. They're the radioactive remains of Kal-El's home planet Krypton. So, all Batman has to do is get some and throw it at him. He can put it into an arrowhead or make Kryptonite bullets. He could even hide it in a Twinkie and trick Superman into eating it. The list is endless.

Some have said Kryptonite doesn't exist in the Man of Steel universe. But the first movie had a Kryptonite Easter Egg. The Utopia Casino can be seen in Metropolis. In the series Superman Confidential, casino owner Anthony Gallo brings Kryptonite to Metropolis and Lex Luthor discovers it's effects on Superman. So, the stage is set to bring the rocks into the new Man of Steel movies.

Once Batman gets his hand on Kryptonite, he can take Superman down easily.

#11. Take Over Superman's Mind

Superman is vulnerable to mind control, so Batman can take over Big Blue's mind and make him do whatever he wants. Where would Batman get mind control powers from? It's hard to imagine him developing the technology for mind control, but Batman is resourceful and will do whatever it takes to win. So he can make a deal with a super-villain that uses mind control.

Poison Ivy can take control of Superman with her pheromones. Or Batman can trick Superman into wearing one of Mad Hatter mind control devices.

Once Batman takes control of Superman he can make him quack like a duck or something. The fights over and it's an easy win for Batman.

#10. Punch Him Really Hard

Batman can build a suit of armor strong enough to beat him. Superman isn't invulnerable. He can be beaten if he fights someone strong enough. Doomsday practically killed him in the Death of Superman storyline and is the best example of this. Batman can build a suit of armor strong enough to "Pimp Smack" Superman.

He's done it before in the movies. In The Dark Knight Rises he built a knee brace that helped him walk. It's not hard to imagine him making a suit strong enough to make him equal to the Man of Steel in strength. It would be easy for Batman to build. He could do it in a weekend.

#9. Scare the Pants of Superman

Batman was created from fear and it's a powerful ally. The Dark Detective can use some of Scarecrow's fear toxin on Superman and Supes would cave in. Maybe it turns out Superman is afraid of spiders or something.

Whatever Clark fears would be Batman's ticket to an easy win.

#8. Blind Him

If the Dark Knight blinds Superman, then the fight's over. Darkness is Batman's ally and, if Superman can't see, then he can't fight back. Batman can run over him with the Batmobile or something like that.

While it's far from canon, in the TV show Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman episode "The Eyes Have It," Superman is blinded by lasers in his eyes. So that might work.

Batman could even do a double-cross and trick Superman into using his x-ray vision on a bright light hidden behind lead shielding. "Say Clark, I got some pictures of Lois in here you might want to look at."

Easy as Sunday morning.

#7. Hold Innocent People Hostage

A fight between Bats and Superman would bring crowds, so Batman just needs to threaten the innocent people around them. Superman was willing to kill Zod over three people, so Batman can easily win the fight by turning a gun on a few dozen strangers.

Would he actually kill them? Probably not, but The Big Blue Boy Scout doesn't know that. Point a gun at a baby and Superman throws the fight.

#6. Threaten to Reveal His Secret Identity

The world's greatest detective can easily figure out Clark's secret identity. After that he just has to threaten to reveal his secret or take a fall.

#5. Blow Him Up with Nuclear Weapons

In the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns Superman is weakened by the blast from a nuclear bomb.  One reason given for Supes vulnerability to a nuclear weapon is that the massive radiation combined with lack of sunlight from the nuclear winter would make him too weak to overcome the effects of the radiation.

Batman isn't desperate enough to blow up a bomb in Metropolis. But, with careful planning, The Dark Knight could set up a nuclear explosion before the fight that would weaken Superman.

One blast with his Bat-Nuclear-Bomb and The Man of Tomorrow's toast.

Or he can dress up like Jonathon Kent and there's no way Superman would punch him. Especially if Batman starts taking about tornadoes and dogs.

#4. Take Away His Powers

In Superman II, and the comic Superman vs. Muhammad Ali, they established there's a chamber in the Fortress of Solitude that takes away his powers.

In Man of Steel they showed that the new fortress can simulate Krypton's atmosphere and energy leaving Superman vulnerable. Batman can trick, blackmail or threaten him into removing his powers.

From there its easy. Batman has way more fight training than Superman.  Superman would go down in an equal fight .

#3. Hit Him With a Sonic Attack

Superman's greatest strength could be his weakness. The Last Son of Krypton's super hearing can be used against him. A loud supersonic or infrasonic noise from a sonic cannon would take him down. In The Dark Knight Returns Batman hits him with a blast and causes a nose bleed.

The military and police are working on sonic weapons right now. Batman could easily get one from R&D.

Big Blue's stronger than an average person but a sonic weapon would have him crying like a little girl.

#2. Emotional Blackmail

Batman does whatever he had to do to win, so we can imagine him using Clark's friends and family as emotional blackmail against him. Lois Lane, his foster mother Martha Kent, and friends like Lana Lang, Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White are all people Batman can use against him.

The Big Blue Boy Scout will cave in once Batman threatens one of them. Or the Caped Crusader can use interrogation to get Superman's vulnerabilities and deepest secrets. It's hard to imagine Batman water-boarding Superman's mom, but alls fair in love and war.

#1. Electrocute Him

A good electric shock would take Superman down. Now, obviously I'm not talking about a 9-volt battery. I'm talking about the kind of electric charge that would kill 50 elephants. Think of it as a Super-Taser. Batman gets close enough to him and sends an electrical charge that makes The Man of Steel's head ring.

The comics have established that, while he can shrug off a lightning bolt, enough of a charge can hurt him. Besides the famous fight in The Dark Knight Returns, in Superman #126 he's strapped in an electric chair in an attempt to restore his memory.

In the upcoming animated film The Batman/Superman Movie, the Joker uses a high powered joy buzzer to shock Superman. He almost kills him until Harley Quinn stops him.

After that, while Big Blue is lying on the ground twitching, he gives him a wedgie or something. Just to remind him what it means to mess with The Batman.

What do you think? Can Batman beat Superman

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  1. Blow him up with nuclear weapons - funny!
    i think blinding him would be his best shot. Then he could employ any of those other tricks and win.

  2. Kryptonite still seems like the most plausible scenario to me, but I've never really liked the idea of superheroes fighting each other. Of course you can do that if you want in the Injustice game they put out this year.

  3. I like them all. Batman always has a contingency plan, so he could have multiple things at his disposal. I do like that he can dress up like Jonathan Kent, psychological warfare.

    "Quit crying Klark it's just me! I lost both my parents, and you don't see me bawling."

  4. And they say Superman is too powerful...

  5. sorry... nope, superman is a super hero, batman comes off as a bully!

  6. "Pimp smack" that is flippin' hilarious.

  7. Batman is the ish. Just saying.

  8. Thanks TS, I just imagine him grabbing the logo and smacking around.

  9. Is tradition Pat. There's always a misunderstanding and they fight. I think it's more so the fans can answer the question of who's tougher.

  10. I never thought of that under emotional blackmail David. "At least you still have a Mom!"

  11. Yeah, it sounds bad, but having the most powerful superhero in the universe challenge you to a fight means you can't fight on a level playing field. :)

  12. Kryptonite works only if you take Superman by surprise, otherwise his superspeed completaly negates any attempts to use the element against him.

    Funny you used the panel from Hush. After the punch, Superman freezes Batman's whole hand and Batman himself says that if he continually punches Superman every bone in his hand will shatter.

    In the very same comic book, Batman hits Kal with all the electricity in Metropolis and it barely slows Superman down.

    It comes down to who is the pro-active one. If Batman goes after Superman while Clark has no idea, Batman has a chance. If Superman goes after Batman and Big Blue wants to engage in the combat, Batman has no chance.

  13. Great points from a true comic book fan.

    I'd agree that in theory Superman can run away but he never has time. Superman 1978 is the best example when Luthor just walks up and puts it around his neck.

  14. Luke Stephen WilmerNovember 19, 2013 at 1:23 PM

    I find the most of this list to be completely ridiculous. There is a lot of things on here Batman would never ever do. It also depends on what version of Superman we are talking about. If it is something like New 52 Superman than basically this whole list is invalid.

  15. There is ONE way that Batman beats Superman. Just give him time to prepare, and he wins. No time to prepare, and Superman wins.


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