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Would You Rather: Live With the Munsters or the Addams Family?

It's time for "Would You Rather," the game that asks you to make the tough choices. This week, it's two monster families and living accommodations.

The Scenario: You're driving down a lonely road one night when your car breaks down. Knowing how it works in horror movies, you start walking to find the nearest spooky castle where you can spend the night. To your surprise, you find two spooky houses. You recognize them both as the homes of the Munsters and the Addams Family. Which house would you knock on?

The Ground Rules:
  • You can only choose one house to stay in.
  • You have to spend at least one night in the house.
  • You'll experience the typical wacky and occasionally dangerous hi-jinks of whichever house you stay in.

Make your choice and explain why in the comments.

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  1. Easily, The Munsters because.....well....Marilyn :)

  2. You have such great posts. I think I'd have to go with the Addams family- I've always been a huge fan of Gomez and Morticia. Though, like Mark, I bet my husband would vote for the Munsters for the same reason he did. :)

  3. I'm going with Munsters as well. Think it would be more fun. Plus there's the Munsters' dragster.

  4. I went with the Addams family because they aren't really monsters and thus I don't have to worry Grandpa or Eddie might decide to eat me for a snack.

  5. Addams Family, there always so much happening in that house. I always loved
    Cousin Itt, and his cool little car.

  6. I would have to be the Munsters for me. Mainly because Herman has such a square head. Oh! And Marilyn. For obvious reasons.


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