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Would You Rather: Have Infinite Knowledge or Infinite Reputation?

It's Tuesday, and that means another game of "Would You Rather," where we ask you to make the tough choices. In last week's question, "would you rather go to one million A.D. or B.C.," 75% of the vote went to one million A.D. It seems like you all have a healthy sense of adventure. This week, we'll be tackling the choice of knowledge versus reputation. It's a bit complicated, so bear with me.

The Scenario
In your weekly visit to the testing lab, the scientists hook you up to a machine that can connect your brain to the World Wide Web. They can choose to set it in two ways.

With one setting, they can download all the information in the world into your brain so you'll have near infinite knowledge of everything. Unfortunately, the process will paralyze your body, rendering you incapable of moving or communicating.

With the other setting, your information and identity will be uploaded onto every site on the Web. You'll be known throughout the world, instantly famous, and you'll be identified with everything. In the process, your memory will be erased and you'll have to learn everything all over again.

Oh, and they wait until you're hooked up to the machine before telling you it can't be shut off. You have to choose one or the other or the machine will just fry your brain.

The short version: would you rather have infinite knowledge with no way to use it or infinite reputation with no real knowledge?

The Ground Rules
  • You can only make one choice. Unless you consider death a valid option.
If you choose the first setting...
  • Your body will be completely paralyzed. The scientists have the ability to keep you alive, so you'll live a normal lifespan. 
  • You'll gain the ability to comprehend and analyze the information you receive. You'll be able to take the information you gain and make new discoveries and insights, finding answers to all of life's mysteries. 
  • You will have absolutely no way to tell anyone what you've learned. Even tracking your eye movements is not an option.
If you choose the second setting...
  • You'll still have some basic knowledge like how to walk, eat, and speak English. You'll have to re-learn everything else.
  • You'll be known everywhere around the world. You can do whatever you want with your new-found fame.
  • The world will assume you're a genius because you were able to hack into the World Wide Web so completely and easily. Basically, you'll have the reputation of being the smartest guy on the planet. The scientists will back up your story that you were the one who invented the machine, just to avoid lawsuits.
  • You have to spend the rest of your life pretending to be the genius everyone thinks you are. If people find out you're an idiot, you'll be disgraced and lose everything.

Make your choice and let us know why you made the decision in the comments.

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  1. Alex J. CavanaughJuly 17, 2013 at 3:33 AM

    Can I chose cake instead of death? And if you're out of cake I'll take the chicken.
    Well, since Eddie Izzard isn't running this, guess I'll go with death.

  2. I chose Reputation. I don't know much as it is, so to lose it then relearn it is a win win. Although, it would be nice to find out what the question to the answer 42 is!

  3. i am not sure...

  4. Infinite reputation just because I am young, so a) I do not know that much yet (but I still know a lot) and b) I am a fast learner, so I would probably be able to catch up to everyone pretty quickly and c) I am pretty smart, so even without all of the knowledge I have I wouldn't be a total idiot.


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