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If the Dark Knight Met Superman, It Would Be Awkward

With the recent announcement of the Batman/Superman movie, the geek world has been split asunder. Those familiar with the comics and animated series are used to the idea of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight working together. Some pundits (and admittedly some of the former) question where the two heroes can really be partners. Can a troubled master detective really team up with a man who can fly and rip apart steel? I say yes, but the folks at Collegehumor imagine another scenario, and it goes something...like this...

What do you think of the video? Would this happen if they met?

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  1. This reminds me of "How It should have ended" videos. I always liked how Batman TAS & Superman TAS had them not trust each other at first. They should have Batman use his master detective skills more than Nolan's trilogy did.

  2. The Dark Knight is in desperate need of some super powers.
    Which is why they are reintroducing the character in the new movie, because the Dark Knight of Nolan's trilogy couldn't exist in the same world with the new Superman.


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