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Geek Bits: Superman Fortress of Solitude Cost, Huge DOCTOR WHO Rumor and More [Links]

Star Wars AT-AT crashes wedding via Huffington Post
What does the Man of Steel soundtrack sound like? Which 60-year-old actor might return to sci-fi? Where? When will an Ant-Man movie be released? Why did a boy break down in tears after meeting Robert Downey Jr.? How Much Would the Fortress of Solitude Cost?

Here are the 10 geekiest bits of the Internet this week.

10. The Universe Hates Action Comics
In two bits of Action Comics news, the comic found in the wall of the house sold for $175,000 (worth more if that lady hadn't ripped it) and a drunk driver smashed through the Action Comics #1 Fence around Joe Shuster’s old house.
The universe really hates that comic, I guess. (via Bleeding Cool)

9. Boy Cries When He Meets Robert Downey Jr.
A little boy was excited to meet Iron Man...but it was only Robert Downey Jr. He was OK after they explained that Iron Man wears a suit. (via Neatorama) Would you cry meeting Robert Downey Jr.?

8. New Doctor Who Toys
In Doctor Who news new Doctor Who toys are available and "the first batch of new sized figures (3.75")...feature: Clara, The Eleventh Doctor, Cyberman, Dalek, Weeping Angel and Ice Warrior." (via Blogtor Who)
7. Mavel Announces Release Schedule
Yesterday Marvel sent us the upcoming release schedule for films and here are the ones you might be interested in.
Moves to 12/12/14 wide (from 12/19/14 wide).
The film is being directed by Brad Bird and written and produced by Bird and Damon Lindelof.
George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson have been cast.
We’ve also announced dates for two UNTITLED MARVEL films (5/6/16 and 5/5/17), in line with Marvel’s successful tradition of opening films in early May, including the billion-dollar hits MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS and Marvel’s IRON MAN 3. We look forward to announcing more details about these films as well as the sequel to THE AVENGERS (opening 5/1/15) at a later date.

 Empire is saying Marvel And Disney's Two Mystery Movies might be Ant-Man and Dr. Strange.

6. Lost Doctor Who Episodes Coming Soon?
The really big news is that the BBC may have found the 100 missing episodes of Doctor Who and are planning to release them on DVD in November for the 50th Anniversary. (via Bleeding Cool)

"We all know that through a series of cock ups, incompetence and lack of forethought,  swathes of episodes of Doctor Who from the sixties were wiped by the BBC. Some episodes were found again, some were sold to other countries, some kept in people’s loft space, but over a hundred episodes of the show were missing, along with episodes, entire series even, of many other BBC shows....

"What I’ve been hearing, and some of it is attributed to an eccentric engineer who worked for broadcasters across Africa with a taste for science fiction and a habit of taking things for 'safe keeping', is that the BBC have secured a large number of presumed-wiped episodes of early Doctor Who."

5Geriatric Terminator?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He’ll Be The Terminator In Terminator 5, Filming In January. He said, "I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in Terminator 5 and to star as the Terminator, which we start shooting in January." Is there anyone that wants to see a 65-year-old Terminator?

4. For Sale: the Fortress of Solitude
The guys at Movoto have done another infographic explaining how much Superman's Fortress of Solitude would go for on the open market. So if Clark ever gets fired, and you don't mind the location, this one's a steal.
Buy The Fortress of Solitude

3. The Dark Knight's Battractor
(via Geek Tyrant)
It's not the tractor John Deere wanted, but it's the one he needs.

2. Man of Steel Soundtrack
Listen to Hans Zimmer’s Complete Soundtrack for MAN OF STEEL (via Collider) and Howling Wolf Records has an overview of the Man of Steel - Deluxe Edition.

1.  Jaws Quint as Wolverine
Reader PJ McQuade sent us this fake comic book cover. It's just awesome and much better than Jaws: the Revenge.

You can buy a print from McQuade on ESTY

TV Reviews
  • Falling Skies "On Thin Ice/Collateral Damage"
    Plot: "Season three of Falling Skies opens seven months after the 2nd Mass arrived in Charleston. In the interim, Tom has been elected to political office, but he has his hands full as the resistance continues to battle the alien invaders. Tom's decision to have the rebel skitters fight alongside humans creates tension and raises suspicions that someone may be feeding secrets to the enemy. Meanwhile, Hal struggles with nightmares that seem so real, he has difficulty knowing if he's awake or dreaming. And Tom and Anne prepare to welcome their baby. Terry O'Quinn and Gloria Reuben guest star."

    Plot: "With hostilities escalating between the resistance and the alien invaders, Tom calls on a nuclear specialist (guest star Robert Sean Leonard) known as "The Rat King" to come up with a plan that will strip the aliens of their power. As suspicion continues to mount about a mole within the resistance, Tom and his leaders make a drastic decision that jeopardizes trust among the group. Anne, meanwhile, has a feeling that all is not right with her newborn. Gloria Reuben also guest stars."
    The two part season premiere was very enjoyable, which surprises me considering how lackluster the first season was. The seven month gap feels like an eternity with people pregnant, dead and in wheelchairs. The new alien factions are intruiging and the action is pulse-pounding. That baby creeped me out though.
Movie Reviews
  • Escape From the Earth (2013)
    Plot: Astronaut Scorch Supernova finds himself caught in a trap when he responds to an SOS from a notoriously dangerous alien planet. Stars the voices of Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Alba. Rated PG.
    It reminded me a lot of Monsters vs. Aliens with it's themes of alien prisons and evil humans, but with better plot twists. My son absolutely loved it and I enjoyed it too. (Recommended)
  • Hulk (2003)
    Plot: Marvel Super Hero, the Hulk, explodes onto the screen in this special-effects epic starring Eric Bana and directed by Ang Lee
    I haven't seen this one in a while, but it's actually better than I remember. It's convoluted explanation of Banner's transformation and weak story make it a terrible comic book movie. I explained Ang Lee's explanation of Banner's powers and my waife said, "That's stupid." But it's exploration of fatherhood and mind-blowing action scenes make it worth watching. Still sucks, but it's worth watching on basic cable.

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  1. Alex J. CavanaughJune 14, 2013 at 8:09 AM

    I can see some farmer in that Batmobile!
    The Arnold photo might scar me though.
    Tomorrowland? Odd title.

  2. terminator... 5, maybe he can do it from a chair with wheels... it might take longer for him to protect or kill you... but it's arnold... so we will wait. he should stick to doing king conan... leave the robots to the special effects team.

  3. Geriatric Terminator?!?!?!?!?! Come on, really? Have actors no dignity at all these days?
    Poor kid, probably they should have let him believe he really met Tony Stark.

    Robert Downey Jr. looks as though he is about to cry.

  5. I might cry too if I met Tony Stark. LOL

    And please not another Terminator. I hated the 4th one. (And the 1st one is one of my most favorite movies.) Arnie doesn't look like he's in shape to do one anyway.

  6. He does doesn't he? He looks heartbroken! I really, really hope they release the lost episodes.

  7. I can only hope they're using CGI for his body Al.

  8. I'm glad to see it back too. Did you watch it yet?

  9. He could totally play King Conan, but not Terminator Jeremy.

  10. The coolest gamer in the world Alex. I think it's based on the Tomorrowland ride.

  11. Robert Downey Jr looks miserable.

    I don't know anyone who would be able to afford that fortress.

  12. I couldn't afford it either Medeia, but in this economy he might have to short sell it.

  13. Yeah, I heard over the weekend the missing Who episodes is a rumor, but you never know! I'd Arnold can do it I'd support him, but I'd never go out of pity.


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