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Which is the Best Genre Movie Franchise? [Poll]

Marvel's the Avengers (2013)
Leonard Maltin, film critic for Entertainment Tonight once said, "There's no such thing as a surefire hit in Hollywood. But a franchise is as close to surefire as it gets." In a world or sequels, prequels and reboots is there one series of films that you love?

Just an FYI, I'm moving this week's caption contest to next week and expanding the weekly poll to a monthly poll. In two weeks I'm adding a brand new ongoing feature.

Why does Hollywood love movie franchises? "Whether it's a prequel, a sequel or a remake, it's simply much less risky to use a known brand than to start from scratch," explains Russ Leatherman, aka Mr. Moviephone.

Some franchises are hit-and-miss. For a long time, Star Trek was unreliable and the first three Star Wars are debatable. The Batman films alone have made over a billion dollars. But besides the numbers, which franchise do you enjoy the most?

For the purpose of this poll, the property has to have at least three movies at the box office. I'm also allowing you to pick your top three in no particular order.

So, here's your chance.

Come back next week for the bi-weekly Caption This! and come back in two weeks for a very special new poll.

What's your favorite movie franchise?

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  1. I voted Batman, Star Trek, and Star Wars, though there were exceptions for all three franchises: Batman & Robin, Star Wars prequel, Trek reboot.

  2. This is an interesting theme!


  3. I agree, I would have voted for LOTR with the exception of the first Hobbit movie I still prefer the cartoon over the new one.

  4. I voted Star Wars, Iron Man, and Superman.

  5. How I am supposed to narrow Back to the Future, Star Trek, Star Wars, and X-Men down to three?

  6. Don't need no credit card to know which one I voted for. ;)

  7. Where's "The Godfather"? Where's "Before Sunrise"? Where's the "Dragon Tattoo Trilogy" or the "Three Colors Trilogy", and while were at it, where James Bond? This is not a good compilation of movie franchises to pick from, there's plenty of better ones that this. I'm taken "Batman," and I'm assuming you only mean the Christopher Nolan ones there, I'm taking, "None of the Above", 'cause "The Godfather" should be up there. No excuse for that one. And, eh, I don't know. I need another "None of the Above". I'll take "Back to the Future" over "The Matrix", 'cause the third "Matrix" movie was dreadful, and at least all the BTTF's are watchable.

  8. David thanks for voting. Those are all great franchises, but this poll is strictly for science fiction movies. Otherwise Godfather would be up there at the top. Please don't get me started on the Matrix. ;)

  9. Oh, okay, it's only a sci-fi poll. I guess I should've looked closer at your blog, as a whole, it wasn't specified on the post that it's a sci-fi poll alone. Well, in that case, I'll stick with my voting, still think there's a few you're probably missing. "Mad Max" comes to mind pretty quickly.

    As to "The Matrix," I don't know what your issue on it was, I like the first two a lot, I think they're both great films, but the last one was dull and dreary, and laid on way too thick all the stories and metaphors and whatever that was onto it, and it lost a lot of it for me. When Neo went blind, I was like "Okay, I know what you're referencing, but c'mon, you don't- you've already established it over 2 1/2 films, now you're just piling on." That's why I would've placed it third, but I'm okay leaving it off.

    I probably would've put "Planet of the Apes" over it too, because all those original films at least, hold up, although probably not on multiple viewings. One good run-through of them, is all you really need I think.


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