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Video Memorial to BABYLON 5 Cast and Crew Who Have Died [Video]

Babylon 5 (1994), G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas)

A moment of silence for all the cast and crew from Babylon 5 that have passed away.

I attended Phoenix ComicCon 2013 this last weekend. The theme was a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the sci-fi television show Babylon 5. I'll do a post on the con tomorrow, but for now, watch this heart-warming tribute video.

Official Description: "'In Memory' video that debuted at the 2013 Phoenix ComicCon at the Babylon 5 20th Anniversary Reunion panel."

Here's the list of names from the video
  • Johnny Seka (1934-2006)
  • Lois Nettleton (1929-2008)
  • Greg McKinney (1957-1998)
  • Roy Brocksmith (1945-2001)
  • Jeff Corey (1914-2002)
  • Silvana Gallardo (1953-2012)
  • Robin Sachs (1951-2013)
  • Tim Choate (1944-2004)
  • Turhan Bey (1922-2012)
  • Paul Winfield (1939-2004)
  • Malachi Throne (1928-2013)
  • Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (1932-2008)
  • Jeff Conaway (1950-2011)
  • Michael O'Hare (1952-2012)
  • Richard Biggs (1960-2004)
  • Andrew "Andreas" Katsulas (1946-2006)
  • Howard  Block (1946-1994)
  • John McPherson (1941-2007)
  • John Stears (1934-1999)

Who will you miss from the show? Do you remember Babylon 5?

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  1. I never watched the show - but I knew Roy Brocksmith - worked with him twice, and I knew Paul Winfield - worked with him once and interviewed him for Sci Fi Universe magazine, though they never ran the piece as far as I know. They were both very warm and personable gentlemen, and I'm happy I got to know them a little. RIP to everyone on the list.

  2. Wow that's a lot of people.

  3. never really got into that show... sad so many of the cast have reached the stars...

  4. Really worth it. The storyline cleverly evolved advanced beings and sophisticated arcane themes into an imaginative and almost plausible sci-fi. I couldn't get enough of it. Started a bit slowly though. It was kind of like ancient Hindu Mystical themes pervading all aspects of the universe. I thought subjective spirituality was very cleverly married to Cosmology.

  5. A VERY touching tribute to people who contributed so much to the show - I REALLY loved the saga along with the characters (and actors who portrayed them). RIP my friends - you did well.



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