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Patton Oswalt's Brilliant Synopsis of STAR WARS VII #StarWars

Patton Oswalt's Star Wars Fillibuster

Patton Oswalt improvised a summary for the next Star Wars Episode VII for the television show Parks and Recreation (Season 5, Episode 19) and it was brilliantly animated by Isaac Moores. Oswalt's an American stand-up comedian, writer, actor and voice actor.

It's funny that he coincidentally includes some of the ideas that I had for the next Star Wars film like Han Solo and Princess Leia breaking up, but I sure didn't come up with adding Wolverine.

Here's the original video:
via Kotaku, YouTube video uploaded by iZacLess

What do you think of the video? Could this be the plot of Episode VII?

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  1. Patton Oswalt is turning into a genius.

  2. It's better than a Rand Paul filibuster.

  3. I really want to see Chewbacca and his spidy robot body. lol

  4. Patton's probably inspired by Darth Maul's return Mpax.

  5. He really is Tony! He's like some kind of super nerd. His anti prequel routine is so brilliant.

  6. Avengers, Star Wars and X Men in one epic movie Alex.


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