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Bane, Darth Vader, and Other Supervillains Give Inspirational ZOD Talks [Video]

You may have heard of TED Talks, the online videos of research and culture held at global conferences around the world. TED is mostly inspirational and designed to educate and change the world. But the evil community is also working to give talks that will harm and conquer the world. It's time for ZOD Talks, brought to you by the Nerdist on BBC America.

What did you think of ZOD Talks?

[Image: YouTube]


  1. That reminds me of a Robot Chicken parody from last season where a motivational speaker tries to motivate villains like Megatron and Cobra Commander.

  2. Funny parody. They should play that video for those global conferences and see what happens.

  3. I love your beautiful blog I really liked your article as it is very interesting to read thank you.

  4. Hysterical! This goes under the heading, 'people have way too much time on their hands.' But at least we all benefit from it, right? Thanks for sharing this! :D

  5. I love the Nerdist. The Batman cameo was great.


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