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3 Reasons Why 'Firefly' Should Return as an Animated Series [Television]

"Firefly: The Animated Series" by Otis Frampton 
F is for Firefly, the beloved scifi western show that was cancelled after only one season. The show has become legendary since its cancellation, and fans were only made hungrier with the movie. They've consistently asked Joss Whedon for more, and the calls became louder after Veronica Mars fans successfully funding a movie with Kickstarter. Whedon has said he's too busy to work on it right now, but hasn't ruled out producing one in the future. Some have recommended ways to do it, and I think the best idea is to bring the show back as an animated series. Nathan Fillion first brought up the idea and claimed someone is already working on it. Here's why Firefly should be brought back in cartoon form.

Casting - One of the biggest problems with bringing back Firefly is, ironically, its excellent casting. Most of the brilliant actors on the cast went on to huge success in movies and television , and have a full committment. .For example, Morena Baccarin is on the TV show Homeland and Nathan Fillion is on the TV show Castle. With an animated series, the cast members could just come in on their own schedule to record their dialogue separately. The actors have aged since the show aired, but the animated versions could look the same or younger, and even do their own stunts.

Cost - With its spaceships, fight sequences, and elaborate sets, Firefly was an expensive show to produce. All of that would be reduced with an animated series. Sets, costumes, actors would all be drawn or CGI, creating a more attractive show for less money.

Distribution - The entertainment world has been turned upside-down in recent years with new channels of distribution through the Internet. Web-only series like Burning Love and The Guild have brought legitimacy to digital TV series, and Netflix has even introduced original streaming content on their line-up. Whedon already experimented with digital streaming when he launched Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog on YouTube. A Firefly animated series could easily find a home on YouTube or Netflix, bypassing network television altogether.

Until then, enjoy this fan-made trailer for a potential animated series.

Would you watch an animated version of Firefly?
[Image Source: Otis Frampton]

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  1. I'd be happy with an animated series!

  2. I don't know, the animated Napoleon Dynamite didn't do too well.

  3. I haven't seen Firefly yet, but I bookmarked it on Amazon. I'd love to watch it.

  4. sometimes it works if they stay on target with script, though they in cartoon world have a too much of a straying factor... jay and silent bob, spaceballs, toxic avenger... for a few.

  5. Great, only fans watching in big numbers will get Firefly back on the air.

  6. That would probably be awesome.

  7. This may very well be the only way we get Firefly back and I hope actually picks up the ball and runs with it. I'd be psyched to see Firefly again in any incarnation.


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