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What Movie Would You Watch Again for the First Time? [Poll]

What of you could watch a movie again for the first time?

Above Image:Paycheck (2003) Ben Affleck, Paul Giamatti

There's nothing like watching a great film for the first time. It might be that it makes you think, like Inception, or it might have a great twist, like Memento. Whatever the reason, it's never the same.

Let's say someone could invent a machine to wipe out the memory of the movie like in Paycheck. Would you use it? Is there a movie you'd like to walk into the theater or watch at home with no memory of what it was like?

This week's poll is just that question: Is there a movie that you would watch again for the first time?

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Is there a movie you'd like to watch again for the first time?
[Image Source: Beyond Real Time]

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  1. Either Jurassic Park or Aliens. Both were so amazing the first time.

  2. The original Star Wars trilogy. The Dark Knight. Watchmen. Though with Star Wars it might be harder because if I saw it now for the first time I might think, "Geez, how corny! Look at those crappy effects!"

  3. Definitely the LOTR films. The trailers had me hooked!

  4. Movies where I felt completely different watching it for the first time than when I saw them again. Happens more often than I care to admit. But I enjoy that interactive process. I wouldn't really change that, because a good movie will have something different to say each time.

  5. hmm. hard to pick which one since I've so many favorites! I did like Paycheck...:D



  6. Aliens. Terminator. Blade Runner.

  7. Those movies did have some dynamite trailers Melissa!

  8. That's food for thought Tony. A movie like Primer made no sense to me the first time I watched it. Some movies need a couple of viewings to "get" it.

  9. I'm embarrassed and proud to say that a movie like A Beautiful Mind, I watched and allowed myself to believe Russell Crowe's perspective. That would be impossible with a second viewing. Something like that will always be true. A movie I wouldn't mind watching against for the first time, now that I've thought about it, would be Star Wars, because the first time was so long ago, and I was just a kid, that I have no idea what I would think about it if it were completely separated from my whole family's original obsession. There's a great episode of How I Met Your Mother where Ted, who's also obsessed with Star Wars, basically make his then-fiancee watch it, and her reaction was something of a revelation.

  10. I'm glad I didn't see that episode.


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