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Geek Bits: Batusi Returns, Lammy Award, Iron Man T-Shirt [Links]

Welcome to "Geek Bits" where we share the geekiest bits of the Internet for you.  Who is backtracking on decades of Star Wars hatred? What classic Batman figure is coming soon? When will the A-Z challenge begin? How would a Star Wars poster look like with the old cast?How much will you pay for popcorn and soda in the future?

Above Image: Batman 1966 action figure, Batman (Adam West)


Don't forget the A-Z Blog Challenge starts Monday, April 1st! It's not too late to sign up!

It's the LAMMY 2013 Award Nomination Stage and we're submitted to the Lammys in two categories: "Best Blog" and "Best Blog-a-thon." If you're a member of L.A.M.B. (Large Association of Movie Bloggers) we hope you'll vote for us. You can vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/T6PCWCN. The deadline for voting is Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Thanks!

Official Batman Classics 1966 TV Series Joker And 'Batusi' Batman Figure Images Arrive

(via Comics Alliance)

"I might have said things in the past that were characterizations of how I felt at the time. That was then. This is now. It doesn't matter." Harrison Ford on his relationship to George Lucas (via Geek Tyrant)

Nice to know Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammill enjoy their work in this behind-the-scenes Star Wars pic (via /Film)

Star wars fan Adam Schickling created this awesome Star Wars: Episode VII Poster Art "I created this poster at 30x40 in. based on how I thought the Star Wars characters would look in the new movie. Since at this time I know nothing about who will be cast in the film, I thought it would be cool to create a one sheet showing some of our favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise. I had a blast creating this art." (via The Force.net)

Check out this awesome Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man Shirt that has an arc reactor.

Bryan Singer was devastated by leaving the X-Men franchise. "I've never told anybody this, but I found the whole letting go of the characters for X-Men 3 so traumatising that a friend, who shall remain nameless, had to take me to a secret location and show me the reels so far. Just so I could make my peace with it." (via Blastr)

  • Jon M. Chu talks about the He-Man Reboot “We’re still early, but we’re deep in experimenting. This is the most fun phase for me because we get to try everything we’ve ever wanted to try in ‘Masters,’ and then we get to throw out all the things that don’t work – which is most of it – to know what our right tone is, where we’re going to head with it. And it’s a very important phase because it shows you the direction we’re going to go in the future. We’re very early. We don’t know a lot yet, other than we’re playing around having a lot of fun.” (via ScreenRant)\
  • The Future of Movie Prices (Via Facebook via ScreenRant)
  • This week someone claimed the President has alien bodyguards. "I can’t confirm the claims made in this video, but any alleged program to guard the president with aliens or robots would likely have to be scaled back or eliminated in the sequester,” Caitlin Hayden, the chief spokeswoman for the National Security Council, said. “I’d refer you to the Secret Service or Area 51 for more details.” (via io9)
  •  The first 14-minuites of the new SyFy series Defiance is online. (via Sci-Fi Fanatic)
What do you think of this week's links?
[Image Source: Examiner]

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