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This Has Nothing To Do With the Super Bowl [Video]

We could be doing a sports or football related post that's somehow related to the Super Bowl, like almost every other SEO-driven blog on the Internet today, but we won't. Because I'm a loner, Dotty...a rebel! Instead, we're bringing you a different blog trend that's being worn to death, the "hey, if Disney is making Star Wars, it would be like..." meme. This video is pretty good. See the original Star Wars trilogy, featuring songs by Randy Newman, new cast members like Chris Tucker, and the Mouse himself in subtle cameos. Brought to you by Smosh. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to "7 Surprising Ways the Super Bowl and Star Wars Are Connected." Which I totally finished in time, but uh, decided we were too cool to run.

What did you think of the video? What other ways are the Super Bowl and Star Wars connec...I mean, what other ways would Star Wars be different with Disney involved?
[Image Source: Screenshot from YouTube]

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  1. That would actually be a step up for Nicholas Cage.
    Having Mickey Mouse Club flashbacks now. Old flashbacks - the fifties version.
    All right - back to the game.


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