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10 Rank-Boosting Images for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' App

Star Trek Into Darkness has a cool new app available for iOS and Android. It's basically a blatant ad for the movie, which I wouldn't normally like, but this app has two things going for it. First, I actually am looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness and pore obsessively over the trivial stuff they leak out anyway. Second, it's not the usual promotional movie app that just shows everything you could get from the official website, but on a much smaller screen and taking up space on your phone. By performing various tasks in the Star Trek Into Darkness app, you can unlock new content, check out news and info right in your phone, climb the ranks of Starfleet. Some of the tasks, like going to the real-life location of Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, is hard. Others, like scanning promo photos online, are easy. We like easy. So that's why we're presenting 10 promotional images, courtesy of Empire Magazine, to get you started. Just point your smartphone at these images in the app, and you'll rise the ranks in no time. You can get the app by going to StarTrekMovie.com. If you don't have the app, you can still check out some cool pics.

NOTICE: We present this for informational purposes only. The Geek Twins do not vouch for the safety or efficiency of the app, and we have not been compensated or received any benefits from this post in any way.

What do you think of the app? Are you looking forward to Star Trek Into Darkness?
[Image Source: Empire Magazine]

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  1. Where's the Apple app? I demand equal app time.
    Cool images though!

  2. Check the link. There's an Apple app and an Android app. Star Trek is all about equality


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