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Six Cheap Star Wars Lightsabers You Can Build [How To]

I'm out this week, but I'm sharing some of my most popular posts from 2010.

Luke Skywalker had it easy. First, he got a lightsaber from his Dad, then had help putting it together from a Jedi master. The rest of us have it harder. But, now, the lightsaber can be yours for less than the price of a tank of gas. Here are five fun options to make a lightsaber yourself and stand out from the crowd.

1. Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes

Head to your local Home Depot and you'll have a lightsaber in less than an hour. No soldering or Jedi meditation required. 

2. How to Build a Light Saber

Here's another lightsaber you can build from your local Home Depot. One nice touch is that he has instructions for adding LED lights for a glowing "blade."

3. Dollar Store Lightsaber

This one is a bit more ambitious as it uses various plastic parts from a dollar store and finishes it all with metallic paint. The final result is amazing. The only problem is you can't see exactly what parts he used and there are no instructions.

WARNING: The following light sabers are mainly for children. Do not attempt to go a Star Wars Convention carrying one of these or you will be humiliated within an inch of your life. Probably by me.

4. Foam Kiddie Lightsabers

This one is based on a pool foam "noodle" and duct tape. Great for letting the Younglings practice their saber skills.

5. Two Minute Dueling Lightsabers

Make this easy lightsaber in 2 minutes out of two flashlights, plastic tubing and some old school 3-D glasses. The parts might be kind of hard to find, but if your willing to dumpster dive, you may get them for free.

6. PVC Lightsaber
PVC pipe and a flashlight. It doesn't get much simpler than that. I like the warning "Although the lightsaber will be cool, it's for play only. It will not ward off evil or kill Darth Vader."

Of course, if you really want to have a lightsaber you can show off you'll need to get one professionally built. One excellent source is Bob Iannacone featured in the documentary Jedi Junkies. A true artist, he's been making hand-crafted lightsabers for years and it's a sight to see.

This post was originally run July 2010.

What would you do for your own lightsaber?

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  1. Dollar Store Light Sabers - but of course!
    Don't think the foam ones have quite the same impact as real ones.


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