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Christian Bale Talks Batman With 8-Year Old Leukemia Patient [Video]

Christian Bale took a lot of heat for an expletive-filled rant he made on the set of Terminator: Salvation, and some other issues with his personal life. But one thing we can say is that he does a lot of charity work. He doesn't travel around the world with a camera crew in tow like Angelina Jolie. No, he does it quietly and  without fanfare. Like when he visited the shooting victims of the theater in Colorado. Or his work with the Redwings Sanctuary to rescue horses. Or how he called up an 8-year-old Zach Guillot (who's suffering from leukemia) to talk about the boy's favorite superhero, Batman. Didn't hear about that one? Watch this:

If you want to follow the little boy's journey, check out his Facebook page, ZachAttacksLeukemia. And to Christian Bale, I say, "Oh, good for yooouuuuu!"

What did you think of the video?

[Via E Online via io9 via The Mary Sue]


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