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Tales From Our Twitter: Shatoetry, The New Disney Princess, Etc.

If you're not  following our Twitter account @thegeektwins, you're really missing out. Not only does it have links to all our stories on the blog and re-tweets from our best followers, but we also post stuff there that we don't have the time or never get around to posting here on the blog. In other words, you get it there first. Here's a sample from the last week of our Twitter feed:

William Shatner launches new app called "Shatoetry" that makes him recites your own poetry http://po.st/9Ke3pg/k

New, "Beauty and the Beast," 1×05 'Saturn Returns' Sneak Peek Clip! http://ow.ly/eYUy9

The effects of the Last Great Time War on Doctor Who http://po.st/Vy4mOl

Gillian Anderson as Morticia Addams http://po.st/kph4UT via The Mary Sue


Disney Buys Lucasfilm: The Internet Reacts - http://po.st/hyYUAE

22 of the snarkiest tweets about the Star Wars/Disney deal http://blastr.com/2012/10/22-snarkiest-tweets-about.php

Top 5 Scariest Doctor Who Moments (Classic) http://buff.ly/StBMvy

The newest Disney Princess http://po.st/0ylI83

In the Netherlands, they're painting highways with glow-in-the-dark material that will also indicate cold weather conditions http://www.wired.com/autopia/2012/10/glowing-roads/

While shooting TRON, Morgan (Yuri) accidentally stepped in radioactive spill http://buff.ly/Q4kBBs #trivia

BBC asks, "Can computers really write novels?" http://po.st/2X7H52

Some guy made a real-life Myst linking book http://po.st/Vza8uG

Smartphone from the 1920s http://po.st/BO9H7y/

Does your auto insurance cover lightsabers? http://po.st/wr1ISs via cheezburger.com

A-Babies Vs X-Babies Cover Art http://po.st/sCvFbh

R2-D2's business card http://po.st/HZT4bB via Blastr

Scientific American explains "How to Eat Triceratops" - http://po.st/oTye3n

Which would you have clicked on in Twitter? Which was your favorite?

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  1. Missed Gillian Anderson as Morticia! That one I need to check out. I guess I just watch the Twitter feed at the wrong time.

  2. I'd like your Twitter better if you Follow Friday'd me. I always seem to get left off the list!

  3. Sorry for the confusion Pat. We use the FF feed to thank new followers. We'll do a special buddies list on Friday and you'll be one of them for sure.


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