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Geek Bits: Mario Avengers, Doctor Who Cupcakes, New G.I. Joe 2 Trailer and More [Links]


Welcome to "Geek Bits," where we share the geekiest bits of the Internet for you. What movie director is making a new sci-fi TV series? What's the best vehicle for a superhero to ride? What if the 11th Doctor were made of frosting? Which director is donating billions to charity?


Top Image: The Mario Avengers by http://thejayphenrix.deviantart.com

'Evolve' Coming To TV
A perfect storm of great talent is coming to TV. Alex Proyas (Dark City) is set to direct his first TV project, produced by Jaime Paglia, (Syfy’s Eureka) called Evolve. It's based on the "Toxic City" trilogy of books written by Award-winning author Tim Lebbon.  Here's a description from the first book London Eye (Toxic City Book One):  
"Two years after London is struck by a devastating terrorist attack, it is cut off from the world, protected by a military force known as Choppers. The rest of Britain believes that the city is now a toxic, uninhabited wasteland. But Jack and his friends—some of whom lost family on what has become known as Doomsday—know that the reality is very different. At great risk, they have been gathering evidence about what is really happening in London—and it is incredible. Because the handful of London's survivors are changing. Developing strange, fantastic powers. Evolving. Upon discovering that his mother is still alive inside London, Jack, his sister, and their three friends sneak into a city in ruins. Vast swathes have been bombed flat. Choppers cruise the streets, looking for survivors to experiment upon. The toxic city is filled with wonders and dangers that will challenge Jack and his friends... and perhaps kill them. But Jack knows that the truth must be revealed to the outside world or every survivor will die."
Hopefully it's better than Revolution. (via Deadline) 

Lucas Donating Billions To Charity
George Lucas is donating the bulk of his $4 billion from the Lucasfilm sale to charity. What a guy. (via /Film)

New G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation trailer for the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra sequel is up. Now with more Tatum!

  • Maria of Cupcaketeer made an awesome set of Doctor Who cupcakes featuring all 11 Doctors and a Dalek made of frosting! Wibbley-Wobbley timey delicious.

What do you think of this week's Geek Bits? Did you learn anything?
[Image Source: Screenrant]

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  1. Wow, thanks for mentioning my post today! I'm so stoked about that interview. Can't wait to get a copy so I can confirm it's really me. (And I'm on the same page with a George Lucas, but not THAT George Lucas - funny, huh?)
    Evolve sounds interesting.
    And the next G.I. Joe has been delayed for how long now?

  2. More Channing Tatum is more of a threat than incentive for me to watch that movie.

  3. i have to say, the joe movie intrigues me... i mean it has to be better than the first one right? i will just keep watching the avengers... until iron man 3

  4. thanks for the shout out for alex!!

  5. I'm excited for GI Joe! Lots of people hated the first one, but I thought it was great! Thanks for sharing it! :D

  6. I seriously thought they pushed G.I.Joe 2 back to give Channing Tatum a bigger role. I'm not sure that happened. But I'm still excited for it. Looks pretty epic.

  7. Considering he was basically the box office star of 2012, I don't think everyone agrees with that.

  8. The second one perks my interest, far more than the first.

  9. Jeremy, you rock!

  10. What was he in besides "Magic Mike'? I was going to suggest Joseph Gordon-Levitt was the box office star of the year, but then I realized if you go by money it'd probably be Chris Hemsworth. The Avengers, Snow White & the Hunstman, and Cabin in the Woods, plus Red Dawn out this month.

  11. Channing Tatum is really popular right now. True, he didn't have a lot of hits, but he's very buzz-worthy. Test audiences for G.I. Joe 2 liked him so much they reshot scenes to give him a bigger role in the film.

    Subject: [geektwins] Re: Geek Bits: Mario Avengers, Doctor Who Cupcakes, New G.I. Joe 2 Trailer and More [Links] ~ The Geek Twins

  12. Sure there are a lot of "stars" these days who don't actually make much money at the box office. The new Denzel Washington movie only made $25 million and that "Cloud Atlas" with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry and a bunch of other huge "stars" has also fared poorly. But that's the way of the world these days. It's about franchises and kids movies, not about "stars" anymore.


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