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Top Five Doctor Who Amy Pond Moments Of Matt Smith [Doctor Who]

The Pond's have said their final goodbye on the Doctor Who fall season seven finale. Last week, RadioTimes asked Doctor Who's Matt Smith what his five favorite Amy Pond (Karen Gillian) moments were. I liked the list so much I decided to show them here along with my favorite moments.

1. "Fish fingers and custard"
The Doctor is hungry after his regeneration, but doesn't know what he wants to eat.

2. "Amy entering the Tardis for the first time"
This is a deleted scene from Amy's first time in the TARDIS.

3. "Amy in Amy's Choice - because Karen was so brill"
The Doctor meets Amy and Rory and discovers she's pregnant.

4. "And every other ep - I love Amy Pond and always will"
A compilation of Amy and Doctor moments.

Here are three of my favorite moments.

1. Rory Dies...the First Time

2. Rory Punches the Doctor in the Face

3. Amy Discovers Rory is in Love With Her  

What was your favorite Amy or Rory moment from Doctor Who?
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  1. I believe your team was Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, Alien Predator Hybrid, Stormtrooper (?) and Princess Leia (?). I looked back in my comments but couldn't find the the team.

  2. Seeing someone get punched is always good for a laugh.


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