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The History of Doctor Who Companions [Infographic]

One of the most enduring traditions of Doctor Who are his companions. That's the name fans have given for the Doctor's ever-present sidekicks. They serve as a counter-balance to the Doctor, as adventurers who can do the action that the Doctor can't, as a pair of new eyes, as a sounding board for the Doctor to reflect, as an excuse for exposition, as variety from the Doctor's eccentric ways, and sometimes (for male and female viewers) just plain eye-candy. The companions have varied wildly, including women, men, aliens, and even a robot. There have been companions from the past, present, and future. This infographic from The Daily Mirror  presents a great overview and interesting facts about these indelible characters. Click to enlarge:

[TGdaily via The Daily Mirror]

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[Image Source: mirror.co.uk]
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  1. Need to send Joshua to your site - he would go crazy for that!

  2. Really excellent. K9 was something. Now I want some chocolate babies.

  3. I need this on a poster or something!

  4. that hits the dr who spot... i must find out more on the next companion.

  5. Ditto, Jeremy, looking forward to it

  6. That would be awesome S.L...email the Daily Mirror!


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