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How They Created the Sound of Lightsabers in 'Star Wars' [Movies]


I've always loved the sound of the lightsabers in Star Wars. They just sound exactly like what you'd imagine a shimmering beam of energy would be like. Yet I never really thought about what it must have been like to try to come up with a sound for something unlike anything anyone had heard before. That's why I found this video interview with Ben Burtt fascinating, where he explains how he came up with the lightsaber sound, and how he achieved it.

[Via Blastr]

What did you think of the video?
[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. An old movie projector, a TV, and someone waving around a microphone - interesting combination. Amazes me how foley artists come up with sound effects.

  2. I already knew that from the ill-fated Star Wars blogfest trivia contest.

  3. Wow! I just love foley artists. Sounds are their color palette and they hear things I would never notice or think about.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Haha... probably one of the most iconic sounds ever...

  5. I agree, that was amazing to hear how he was able to imagine the sound before he found a way to create it

  6. I'd heard this, too, Pat, but I thought his process of developing it was interesting.

  7. lightsabers sound super deadly. Thats a given but what happens when he meets a bad guy with a gun?


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