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'Better Off Red' Webseries to Bring Redshirts to Life [Announcement]

The red shirts of Star Trek have always been a disposable lot, and we didn't really get to know them on the show before they get incinerated or eaten or turned into crystal. That's why a new webseries Better Off Red could be a real breakthrough for Star Trek fans. Mike Holmes, Steve Liskiewicz, and Buckly Stephens are three Ohio State University graduates in New York City who are active in the improv and theater community. They're also fellow geeks who want to create Better Off Red, a comedy series revolving around security officers on a Star Trek-like starship. The potential for laughs is huge here, folks. Here's the description from their Indiegogo page:
Better Off Red is a love letter to Action/Adventure and Sci-Fi fans, viewed through a humorous lens. Though other sci-fi franchises enjoy a healthy fanbase of comedy parodies, Star Trek has been somewhat lacking. However, you don't have be a Star Trek fan to appreciate the humor and fun of the show. There are plenty of inside references for Trek fans to enjoy, but the series is a standalone comedy meant to make everybody laugh.
Here's a mini-episode promo video to see what they can do. If they get the money they need, they can get the costumes, sets, props, and other equipment to make it real.

You can find out more on Facebook, and help fund it at Indiegogo.

What do you think of the project? Would you watch Better Off Red?
[Image Source: Facebook]
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  1. This is kind of becoming a cliche now. I'm not sure if this will really cover anything new. BTW, I recently wrote a short story about those other disposable people on the Enterprise: the female yeomen who would hand Kirk notepads to sign and whatnot. It should be released some time soon.

  2. Once was probably enough...


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