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What If Tim Burton Designed 'The Avengers?' [Image]

Director Tim Burton certainly has a unique artistic style; skinny bodies, sunken faces, sharp chins, big eyes, tiny hands and feet, lots of swirly stuff. So how would he handle the superhero team, the Avengers? Canadian artist Xenia "La-Chapeliere-Folle" Rassolova imagines it would look something...like this. Click to enlarge:
And just for comparison, here are Burton's designs for Batman Returns' Catwoman and Penguin:

[Via Deviantart via Geekologie]
Would you watch Tim Burton's Avengers?

[Image Source: Devianart]
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  1. jeremy [retro-zombie]October 2, 2012 at 7:56 AM

    sad, i like it if it weren't the avengers... maybe unfed characters...

  2. I agree, Burton's style has its place. "Beetlejuice" was based on Burton's designs, and were mind-blowing.

  3. Unfed - good call, Jeremy! Yeah, glad he didn't design them.
    Back from vacation and hope I didn't miss too much here!


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