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Tim Burton Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art

His MoMA Don't Dance and his Daddy Don't Rock N' Roll
We've been a fan of Tim Burton since "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" and always enjoy his quirky view of the world. My personal guilty pleasure is to see all the bizarre, yet beautiful, sketches he does for his movies and see how closely he was able to capture them on-screen. I even liked "Planet of the Apes" for the ornate sketches he did on the costumes. So, it's with joy that I found out about his new exhibit "Tim Burton" at the "Museum of Modern Art". The show features over 700 illustrations, sketches, paintings, statues, photos, and films from his early days and work in Hollywood. It's wonderful to imagine his eccentric artwork surrounding you, from the mouth-like doorway to the statues and paintings. If anyone wants to fund a trip for me to go see this exhibition feel free to leave a nickel in the tin cup lying at my feet as I dance on the sidewalk.

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[Image from MTV]

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