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'Batman Begins' Starring the Cookie Monster [Video]

An intrepid viewer who calls himself "utubelor" considered how much Batman's deep voice sounds like the Cookie Monster. That's why he created an edited version of the final scene of Batman Begins with the Cookie Monster dubbed over it. Click to watch below.

[Via YouTube via Splash Page]

What did you think of the video? Does Batman sound like the Cookie Monster? Who else does Batman's voice remind you of?
[Image Source: Gamma Squad]
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  1. jeremy [retro-zombie]September 14, 2012 at 2:59 AM

    i laughed so hard, that was funny... i don't know who else it sounds like. hulk, mr.t... scatman?

  2. LMAO! That was brilliant. Batman really does sound like Cookie Monster. Not sure who else has that growly voice. Perhaps Regan from The Exorcist?


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