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'Thor: The Dark World' Leaked Set Pics Show Svartalfheim [Thor]

Some set pics from Thor 2: The Dark World Bourne Wood, UK set have been leaked online showing what might be the realm of Svartalfheim.

A SuperHeroHype visitor sent in photos of the Bourne Wood, UK set for Marvel Studios' Thor: The Dark World. He says..."Thor 2 pics attached from Bourne woods, UK. Compact camera is a bit crap and security won't let me get much closer but they're OK. Filming due to start in 2 weeks. Will send some more before then."

I'm not a huge Thor fan so I had no idea what these pictures were from. io9 enlightened me by saying they are most likely from Svartalfheim the land of the Dark Elves. We know Christopher Eccleston is the Dark Elf villain "Malekith The Accursed."
Here are the set pics which show some interesting structures. Click to enlarge.

 These match what have already been seen on the Wikipedia page.

Here's what the Marvel wiki says about Svartalfheim.
Svartalfheim is one of the Nine Worlds, and home of the Dark Elves. Svartalfheim is in the middle region of the nine realms, on the same level as Midgard and Jotunheim.

The geography and climate of the realm has been shown to be heavily wooded with Dark Elf towns, villages and castles doting across the green rolling landscape. They have been shown to live both above ground in castles and underground in large caverns. The Dark Elves have their own portals that grants them access to the other Nine Worlds including Midgard.

The Dark Elves due to their apearance have treated badly by the races of the nine realms and now generally more hostile to outsiders. Various leaders have embarked on schemes of conquest several times.

It gets even more interesting when you tie this in with the casting call for the film a while back asking for "Extreme looking"and "heavily tattooed" men and women.

For reference here is a map of the nine worlds of Asgard.
Sounds like this film is going to be very different from the last one. Focusing on Asgard instead of going to Earth.

Via SuperheroHype

What Do You Think of the Set Pics? What do you think they mean? Will the Thor sequel be any good?

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  1. Very cool! I really enjoyed the first Thor film. Looking forward to this one as well.

  2. Asgard is pretty awesome, so I am totally okay with that!

  3. Haven't seen the first yet. The Syfy version was terrible.

  4. Very nice. Looking forward to Thor 2 after the first one caught me off guard with just how good it was. And I'd say if they're calling it "The Dark World," it probably will revolve around Svartalfheim (which literally means "World of the Dark Elves" from Norse mythology).

  5. Thanks for the mythology insight J.W.!


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