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If "Star Wars" Had Been an 80's Teen Movie [Images]

What if Star Wars: A New Hope had been made as a teen movie in the 1980's? Probably never asked yourself that question, but an Italian artist Denis Medri did, and came up with the answer. He created a series of illustrations as if Star Wars was made by director John Hughes in the vein of Sixteen Candles. And it goes something...like this.
School jock Han Solo and his buddy Chewbacca with their
Trans Am, the Millenium Falcon

Preppie Lando and his punk buddy, Greedo

Hero Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia,
the homecoming queen

The school nerds, C. Threepee Oh and Artoo Deetoo,
foreign exchange students

Principal Palpatine, Jabba the school
janitor, and Mr. Tarkin the Math teacher

Darth Vader, the school bully, with his
motocross gang, Trooper and Boba Fett

Gym Coach Yoda and Mr. Kenobi, the science teacher

[Deviantart via Reddit]
Would you watch the teen version of Star Wars?

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