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Geek Bits: Superman and Wonder Woman Hook up, Batman Beyond Movie, S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show and More [Links]

"What Picard always orders at a Chinese Restaurant" by comicalconcept.com
Should Willis let his younger self kill him? Would you watch an Avengers spin-off show? Should the next Batman film be based on a short-lived TV show? Why is it a bad idea for Wonder Woman to date Superman?

Find out the answers to these questions, get your motivational geek quote, and more in this week's best Geek Bits.

"Make it Tso" by Nathan Batson

Motivational Geek Quote
"A man is defined by his actions, not his memories." - Kuato Total Recall (1990)

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  • ABC Orders Marvel's 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV Pilot From Joss Whedon
    This should be cool, but without a big budget it could end up being more X-Files than Avengers.
    (via Hollywood Reporter)
  • 10 Reasons the Next Batman Movie Should be Batman Beyond
    I totally agree. It wouldn't be a reboot, but a continuation of the story from the Nolan films.
    (via io9)
  • Superman and Wonder Woman are now a couple.
    We all saw it coming. But I read an article explaining why superheroes should date normal people (wish I could remember the link). I agree. It makes them more human.
    (via Huffington Post)
What do you think of this week's links? Any news you heard this week you wanted to talk about?
[Image Source: comicalconcept.com]

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  1. Looper is going to be awesome!

    1. I like that Bruce proved he's tougher today than when he was younger. Should be great!

  2. I bet they'll get Wonder Woman knocked up with Superman's baby, which would make what Jason Lee says in "Mall Rats" prophetic when he said only Wonder Woman would have the strength to carry Superman's alien child.

    The problem with using Batman Beyond is how would that tie to a Justice League movie? I mean if it's taking place in the future you couldn't really use any of that. I assume if they ever get their ducks in a row on this (why this is so challenging for DC and so easy for Marvel I have no idea) I'm sure they'd want to do it the same way Marvel has with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America having separate movies leading into the big team-up.

    1. Pat, that would be interesting. I hope they don't though. Superman with a kid seems so limiting. How can he save the universe if hes worried about his kid?

      Just found out not only is the Batman movie not based on Batman Beyond, the JLA movie is coming first! DC is really struggling with this.

  3. Well we saw with Lois Lane what happens when superheroes date normals. Wasn't her life threatened like every third day? I'd've kicked Superman to the curb along time ago. Who needs his issues? LOL

    I do not know why DC just can't get it together with their heroes. And why don't we have a Wonder Woman movie? WW should have been made looonnngggg before Daredevil, Green Lantern and all the other ones they appear to have immediate plans for.

  4. Yay on Joss Whedon returning to the airwaves. That's awesome.

    I liked Lois for many reasons, but she had to be daft not to get Clark and Superman were the same guy. It was only glasses. Not much of a disguise.

    I loved the WW TV show. For different reasons than my dad and brothers.

  5. Superman had a romance with Lois Lane for so long, they made a TV show out of it, and people got bored of it. I suspect that may say something about current thinking on the subject.

  6. Louis does know that Superman would be better off with Wonder Woman. In Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #93 she starts to imagine them together and considers Superman's rational as "Hey, Wonder Woman is my physical equal! Villains could never use her against me! Why don't I just date her?"

  7. Batman Beyond movies? Yes Yes and YES!!! S.H.I.E.L.D TV show ummmm YES and Wonder Woman dating Superman? Why not - They make a cute couple.

  8. Patricia hopefully they throw a ton of money at Whedon so he makes it an epic adventure every week. Superman and Weiner Woman do make a cute couple, but it just feels like a gimmick more than anything else. We'll see hunh.

  9. It's Natasha LOL I agree pay Joss whatever he wants! Of course Superman and Wonderwoman is a gimmick - but isnt EVERYTHING the comic industry does now-a-days?

  10. Natasha, sorry. Sometimes the word check on my phone is goofy. Also, I don't think Superman is dating Wiener Woman. LOL Everything is a gimmick now. That's just the nature of the industry.
    Sent From My Android

  11. The more I see the better it looks Alex!

  12. MPax, you are right. Whedon needs a TV show, not matter what it is. He could reboot "Murphy Brown" for all I care. Lois' relationship with Clark has always been problematic, but fun. WW was a great show for all the reasons you and your dad and brothers had.

  13. Yeah Anthony, the romance can only be stretched out so long. Lois and Clark marathon this past weekend. Zzzzz


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