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Geek Bits: Doctor Who S7 Date, Lightsaber Toy History and More [Links]

Avengers Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) as Vision

Trivia Question
J.J.Abrams is a fan of physical sets. What's the most unusual location they used for the Enterprise interior in Star Trek (2009)?

Last Week's Bonus Trivia Answers
Easy: What is the name of the sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure?
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Med: In the original script, what did Bill & Ted travel through time in?
Rufus was originally a 24-year-old sophmore with a van. The producers changed it from a van to a phone booth to avoid comparisons to Back to the Future. They didn't know that the time traveler in Doctor Who travels in a phone booth.

Hard: In the sequel, the character of the Grim Reaper "Death" was played by William Sadler. Who did the actor base his voice on?
Ingmar Bergman from The Seventh Seal inspired Sadler's makeup and accent for the movie.

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  • A fan created a sculpt of what Vision would look like in the Avengers sequel if they used Agent Phil Coulson. In the comics the android Vision is the combination of several personalities living and dead. He Geeks She Geeks colorized it and it's awesome.
  • Syfy is developing a 'Blake's 7' Reboot. Could it bring space back to science-fiction?
The original British series was a cult hit for creator Terry Nation (who also created the iconic Daleks for "Doctor Who") in 1987, spawning four seasons and an international following that endures to this day. Unlike "Battlestar Galactica," which was considered a lighter space opera of the era -- especially compared to its darker Syfy remake -- the original "Blake's 7" was an edgier concept, centered around a group of convicted criminals who escape from a prison planet and encounter threats both human and alien whilst trying to stay ahead of their captors, becoming heroes in the process.
(via Huffington Post.)
  • via /Film The Reboot Grid infographic says a reboot of Death Wish is due any day now
  • This "I Am Iron Man" meme has been going around. But it has a curse word. I made a PG version.
  • Geek Girl Diva has a great article on "How To Help a New Geek" My favorite point is "Let new geeks digest stuff. Don't make them feel bad because they didn't watch all of a series in a day. Don't barrage them with tons of questions about what they liked until they've had time to process it. In short, don't freak them the frak out with your intensity."
  • Via ScreenRant DoctorWho series 7 will have "every Dalek ever" including 80s heavily armored "Special Weapons" Daleks (also known as "Abominations"). Time will tell if more is better.
  • Watch the history of Toy Lightsabers from balloons to awesome. (via The Force Net )
  • Go vote for Metropolis as Movie of the Month on Large Association of Movie Blogs. It's a classic
  • Join Captain SciFi's Sci Fi Battle Tournament. This is going to be a blast. I'll win because I have the Alien-Predator hybrid. 
  • BBC America confirmed DOCTOR WHO starts Sept 1.
Trivia Answer
The scene with Kirk (Chris Pine) running through the Enterprise Engineering decks were filmed in the Budweiser Brewery in the San Fernando Valley.

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  1. Is it just me or does that Blake's 7 show sound like The A-Team in space?

  2. The Iron Man poster is cool. And no idea who William Sadler based his Death role on. He went with a foreign accent though.

  3. If SyFy is doing the Blake's 7 remake, fans should be worried.

  4. Alex, thanks for pointing out I forgot to put the answer in that question! Iron Man...Downey Jr. is the man.

  5. Pat, it does! Maybe they'll survive a starship crash by shooting the gun.

  6. I had no idea there were so many light sabers. I would love to see sci-fi on Syfy again. I won't hold my breath tho.

  7. I love Metropolis! I like the one with the original score even better!

  8. M pax, the most surprising thing about the toy lightsaber is that it took so long for Lucas to start selling them. Maybe they'll finally start having sci-fi instead of smackdown.

  9. It is an amazing film Bish. I haven't seen the remastered version yet. What was the biggest difference?


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