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Best Geek Bits: Daredevil Times Out, Enterprise-D Saved, Doctor Who Reviews and More [Links]

Darth Vader and friends ring the stock market bell

How did one fan get the original Star Trek Enterprise-D set and what is he doing with it? How has the Doctor Who theme changed over the decades? How do you unfollow a blog without the Google Follower widget?
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Trivia Question (Answer at the end of the post)
The cult classic Bill and Teds Excellent adventure, about two slacker heavy metal heads who travel through time in a phone booth, is gearing up for a second sequel.
The characters were originally part of an improv show. If you were in the theater when they first appeared in 1983 how many people would you see on stage?

Last Week's Bonus Trivia Answers
Easy: The scene with Stripe attacking Billy with a chainsaw is an homage to which famous horror film?
Medium: Which famous comedian played the voice of the good Gremlin?
Hard: Name one of the movies that inspired the MPAA to create the PG-13.
"Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Howie Mandel did Gizmo. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." - Alex J. Cavanaugh
How to Unfollow In Google Followers Without Widget
You may have noticed that we removed the Google Followers widget list from the sidebar. Here's why and two ways you can unfollow us without it if you want.

The main reason it's gone is page loading time. The widget has to load profile pictures and some get pretty big. 

The other reason is that Google Followers is going away soon and I just don't think it's relevant anymore. Many people use it as a judge of blog success, but it's not. Does anyone really use their Blogger Dashboard to read blogs?

I don't. Once you get over a hundred it becomes impossible. Alex uses Google Reader and so do I. Which means that your RSS reader list is a real list of the people following your blog. Blog followers are just a number. That's my opinion anyway and you're welcome to disagree.
So how to you unfollow without the widget?

There are two ways to unfollow:
One, suggested by Alex J. Cavanaugh, is to do the following:
  1. Go to your Dashboard and look to the far right.
  2. Hold your cursor over symbol and it will say Manage Reading List. Click that!
  3. It will pull up all the blogs you follow and you can adjust the settings from there.
It doesn't work for me for some reason.

The second uses the widget on a blog you follow.
  1. Go to the blogger follower widget and under your name will be a link that says "Options."
  2. Click on the dropdown and select "Site Settings."
  3. Click on the third link down that says "Sites you've joined."
  4. There is a list of the blogs you follow with a link next to them that says, "Stop following."
Now the funny thing about this last method is the list is alphabetized and only shows your first 30 blogs. This means if you follow 300 blogs and want to remove one named  "Zillio's Zillow Blog" you have to stop following over a hundred blogs.

The fact that Google Followers is so hard to manage is why it's an antique.

Some of these may be familiar if you follow us on Twitter @thegeektwins. We share news and fun stuff all week.
Trivia Answer
Three. The improv act was originally called "Bill, Ted & Bob".

The characters of Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted Theodore Logan, were created and played by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon in improv theater. While in UCLA Matheson and Solomon used to do improv comedy and one of their bits was about a trio of stoners who, as Matheson said, were "Really, really, really ignorant teenage boys who know nothing about anything trying to talk about world affairs."  The audience would ask them questions and the three would make up the answers. The actor that played Bob left the group and the two went on to write the films.

They have described Bill & Ted as an idealized version of their real-life friendship. The names are based on their real names. Bill and Ted is a play on their names, Chris and Ed.

Easy: What is the name of the sequel?
Med: In the original script, what did Bill & Ted travel through time in?
Hard:  In the sequel, the character of the Grim Reaper "Death" was played by William Sadler. Who did the actor base his voice on?

What do you think of this wek's links? Did you learn anything?
[Image Source: blastr.com]

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  1. Hey, I still read blogs in the Dashboard! Sometimes. My favorites I put on the sidebar of my site for quick access.

    So now that the rights go back to Marvel, will Daredevil appear in Avengers 2 or 3? Since he's doing not much else except raising his kids, Affleck could reprise his role!

    A second Bill and Ted sequel is such an awful idea. Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey was awful and after 20-some years it's only going to be much much worse.

    1. Affleck could play Daredevil Pat. I thought he did a great job. Sometimes I use the dashboard too, but I have my 300+ list categorized and thats impossible to do. Bogus wasn't all bad just not as good as the first one. The third one is going to be about them struggling to make the greatest song.

  2. I'm hugely interested in seeing a new Bill & Ted. I mean, they're music savants now. But presumably, they're still idiots, so they could be mentoring someone who can't believe they're so stupid and successful. Whoa!

    I, too, still read blogs on the dashboard (Blogs on the Dashboard would make an excellent name for a rock band). The Reader itself has been redundant as long as the dashboard matrix is still around.

    1. Tony, good pont about them being music experts. That will be interesting. I'm going to start a band with that name coming soon to your town!

  3. Hey, got last week's right.
    Thanks for using my suggestion of how to manage and unfollow blogs. Really, how on earth could anyone use their dashboard? I follow as many as follow me and no way I could keep up with 1600+ in the dashboard.
    I liked Bogus Journey. Has the great line "They melvined me."


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