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Geek Bits: NBA Star Wars, Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Transformers and More [Links]

Which character actor, nicknamed "The Cat Man," died this week? What did the very first Spider-Man fan film look like? Is Robin in The Dark Knight Rises? What happened to Eddie Murphy's movie career?
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  2. Motivational Geek Quote
  3. Links
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Here's this week's links you  don't want to miss. These posts are taking a long time to do. Longer than they should, but it's hard to pare down the hundreds oflinks.

1. Trivia Question (Answers at the end of the post)
The NBA finals were this week and, if you're a basketball fan, this trivia question is for you.

In 2005 NBA.com compared NBA championships with Star Wars movie release dates. Which NBA match up was compared to the battle between Count Dooku and his old master Yoda in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002)?
A) Bill Watson vs. Philadelphia 76ers
B) Earvin "Magic" Johnson vs. Philadelphia 76ers
C) Julius "Dr. J" Erving vs. Los Angeles Lakers
D) Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal vs. New Jersey Nets

Last Week's Bonus Trivia Winner(s)
Who were the stars of  The Truman Show?
"Stars were Jim Carey, Ed Harris, and Laura Linney. As for which Prometheus reaction, I guess moderate and thought the issues were too distracting. Think they finally got the Hulk right this time!" -Alex J. Cavanaugh"

"The star of The Truman Show was Paul Giamatti. Everyone else was just starring in a movie about his plight to become a leading man." - Tony Laplume

2. Motivational Geek Quote
“Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb!” – Adam West, Batman & Robin

3. Top Ten Links
Don't forget that this is only a sample of the links shared through our twitter feed @thegeektwins this week! You never know what you're missing.

  1.  Blastr makes a pretty convincing case that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Robin in The Dark Knight Rises.
A quick summary:
  • His character's name is John Blake and Dick Grayson's (the original Robin and the current Nightwing) full name is Richard John Grayson. 
  • Blake is a Gotham cop by day like Dick Grayson and has a real interest in helping Batman.
  • Those chalk etchings of the bat signal look an awful like like the Nightwing symbol.
 He's too old for Robin, but he could easily be Nightwing. Nightwing was the superhero name Grayson took on after leaving Batman. Plus, this movie is heavily based on the comic book Knightfall storyline and in that another superhero (Azrael) took over while Batman was recovering.

  2. Was this zany fan film from 1969 the first live-action Spider-Man movie?
Goofy, silly and cheesy I may have enjoyed this more than the last three Spider-Man films.


  3. Richard Lynch, the character actor you've never heard of died this week. Space1970 has a great Obit: Richard Lynch R.I.P.

  4. Curse you Christopher Nolan! Never Mind Pop Film said it best: Cruel Director Releases Another 'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer. Each one more fresh and delicious than the last. Why must you tease us like this!!

  5. Oh Snap! Mary Sue had The Best Geeky Yo Mama Jokes Ever! " Yo mama’s so fat that she’s bigger than both the outside and the inside of the TARDIS."

  6. Closet Geek Girl has a great list of The Greatest Superhero of All Time! Whether you agree or disagree you can't argue that Luke Skywalker is one of the greats.

  7.  /Film says ‘Transformers 4′ To Be Cheaper, Likely To Go Into Space and Don’t Call It A Reboot. Thanks Michael Bay for getting rid of everything we loved about the first film.

  8. io9 has a great summary of How to Tell From a Trailer That a Movie Is Going to Suck. Things like lots of slo-mo and the same jokes over and over again. Oh, the money I could have saved on Batman and Robin.

  9. Moviefone had a piece a while back about How The Nutty Professor Explains Eddie Murphy's Entire Film Career If you've ever wondered how he went from SNL to Norbit this will tell you why.

  10. A tinier stegosaurus prepares to shoot the opening scene in his low-budget remake titled "The Tinier Land Of The Lost."

3. Trivia Answer
D. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal vs. New Jersey Nets
NBA.com says, "In 2002, the Los Angeles Lakers and Jedi Master Yoda proved their dominance with the release of Attack of the Clones and the Lakers' third straight NBA Championship. While Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal joined together to make another run at the title, Yoda took matters into his own hands."

Bonus Trivia Question: What is the name of the lizard that Obi-Wan rides on Utapau?

What do you think of this week's news? Anything stand out to you?
[Image Source: NBA.com]


  1. Alex J. CavanaughJune 22, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    And Tony's answer for last week is awesome.

  2. We all could've saved the money off Batman and Robin. :))

  3. Sorry to hear about Richard Lynch. I used to watch the old Spidy cartoons with my little brother. The song was really catchy.

  4. You got it Alex. Tony really took it up a notch.

  5. That little Spidey film is awesome. It's probably better than this Spiderman movie coming up. How come no one's anticipating that film anyway? They've had to release extra long trailers, do the MTV thing and do viral videos just to drum up an ounce of interest. I remember when Raimi's first Spiderman came out. It was all anyone could talk about. This one, not so much.

    I was sorry to hear about Richard Lynch. His characters were stable of my childhood viewing. He always played such awesomely cheesy bad guys. No one could carry off the elaborate costumes like he could.

  6. Melissa, I know some (like Neil) that are looking forward it. I'm more excited than I used to be, but I still have trouble letting go of Raimi's versions. He's such a great director.
    Lynch was great, but I never even knew him. His characters were so memorable his characters stood on their own.

  7. I purposefully ignore all of the Dark Knight trailers. I don't want to spoil the experience! :)

  8. DL, I have a list of movies I refuse to watch promos for too. TDKR isn't one of them though. Doesn't it make the movie more fun?


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