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Superman's Worst Nightmare Is His Facebook Account [Superheroes]

Superman regrets adding his Mom to his Facebook friends list.

There have been many epic fails on Facebook from people posting embarrassing pictures of themselves to friending their boss while playing hooky from work.

This just might be the worst fail of all though as Martha Kent decides to post Clark Kent's baby pictures. Oops.

Joy Of Tech held a poll asking, what's the moral of this comic?
  • It's harder to keep a secret in a digital world. 
  • Even a Superman can mess up on the Internet. 
  • Never teach your mom about social networking. 
  • If you are Lex Luthor, get on Facebook! 
  • You have to be a superhero to figure out Facebook's privacy settings. 
  • Even on social networks, Batman beats Superman. 
The winner was "Never teach your mom about social networking, ... how else will she embarrass you into middle age?"

What do you think of the comic? Is this Superman's worst social nightmare? Can you think of a worse one?
[Image Source: Joy of Tech]


  1. Alex J. CavanaughMay 14, 2012 at 5:16 AM

    Yeah, that does sound like a nightmare. Glad my mom only knows how to email.

  2. Oh Facebook...how thou hast crawled into every aspect of life?

  3. Michael, the Internet allows Moms to share embarrassing baby pictures with millions. Forsooth


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