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10 Most Surprisingly Sexy Males of Sci-fi [Hunks]

Guys have a lot of beautiful women to enjoy in sci-fi, but women have some hunks out there, too. Some of them like Johnny Depp are obvious draws. But some of them are a real surprise, at least to me as a heterosexual male. Here are the ten most surprising male hunks in sci-fi. It must be said that not every woman finds the men on this list hot, but even more than one is a head-scratcher for me.

 8. Fox Mulder from The X-Files - Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by this one, but I am. He's got a big nose and mumbles when he talks. But apparently women like him. This one surprised me, but wasn't that big a surprise as some of the others. He's just the start.

7. Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation - He's old. He's bald. And he sends some geek girls into a flutter. I understand this one, though, with the British accent and the commanding presence. He commands the greatest starship in the Galaxy and does it with style. I respect that.

6. David Tennant from Doctor Who - Okay I know I'm not the target audience, but David Tennant? Really? A skinny guy with spiky hair and glasses? If you lined up six entirely random men along with Tennant and asked which one was sexy, he would have been my last choice. The David Tennant fan clubs truly give all geeks hope.

5.Jake Sully from Avatar  - I know what you're thinking. "Yeah, no surprise. Sam Worthington is hot." No, not Jake Sully the human. Jake Sully's avatar. Apparently being tall and blue with stripes and a tail makes him hotter. Weird. Then again, Neytiri definitely caught the attention of the male audience, so who am I to judge?

4. Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation - I would think the yellow skin and eyes would be a deal-breaker. Apparently not. Data won a poll of lady geeks pitting him against Commander Riker. There actually was an episode where he was in a relationship with a real woman, and that didn't work out too well. Then again, his, er, "relationship" with Tasha Yar seems to have left her smiling.

3. Jareth from Labyrinth - When you type "Jareth" and "Labyrinth" into Google, you'll find the word "sexy" coming up almost with every hit. This surprised me. He's got on a fright wig, he's surrounded by goblins, and he's essentially terrorizing a young woman and a baby. The tight pants help, I'm sure. Seems many little girls spent the movie looking at something other than Jareth's face.

2. Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series - When Star Trek first aired, everyone expected James T Kirk to be the show's big heartthrob. That's why it took everyone including Shatner by surprise when it was Leonard Nimoy who was getting mobbed at appearances. Spock is cold, logical, has green skin, and sent Trekkers into a swoon. From what I can gather, women found his stoic nature mysterious and sexy. They dream of being the one to melt his heart and reveal the sensitive man underneath. I guess. As for the pointy ears and eyebrows, well, not sure what to make of that.

1. Darth Vader from Star Wars - Of all of them, I think Darth Vader surprised me the most. Okay, he's tall, he's mysterious, he's powerful. He's got that booming voice. You can even make the argument that he's a bad boy, if you can call someone who destroys whole planets and chokes people to death for minor infractions a "bad boy." But no one even knew what he looked like until the end of Return of the Jedi. I guess he's for women who like guys mysterious. I also think there's a leather fetish in here.

Do you find any of these guys sexy? Any other males in sci-fi that are surprisingly hot? Let us know in the comments?



  1. I don't like Sam Worthington. I think the man can't act. He's always deadpan/ expressionless, and he delivers his lines with the enthusiasm of the guy from Ferris Bueller. People think he's hot? ugh. Why does he even get roles?

  2. I know a few older women who think Patrick Stewart is the bomb. I think it's the accent. Shame I never picked up that accent when I lived in England.

    1. British accent is catnip in the United States. Wonder if it works the same way in reverse? Do Brits think American accents are sexy?

  3. I loved me some Spock. :) And David Bowie, too. I'm not sure I get the Darth Vader one. Really? Sexy? Hmm.

  4. How can anyone fault a character whose geek speak includes 'Live Long and prosper?'  Isaac Asimov's daughter finds Spock dreamy, lol.  

  5. Oddly enough, yeah

  6. Good question, Michael


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