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Top Ten Star Wars Wallpaper [Lists]

Update: Removed duplicate wallpaper
If you want to bring the force to your computer desktop here are some of my favorites.

With six movies and hundreds of characters there are literally thousands of wallpaper backgrounds. You can't see them all, but I brought you some of my favorites.

Last time I brought you the best Star Trek wallpaper sites. I decided to bring you the best Star Wars wallpaper ever.

Even if you don't  use a computer wallpaper you can still marvel at the beautiful images below. Here are my top ten wallpapers for Star Wars.


Do you have a favorite wallpaper? Do you you use wallpapers on your computer or phone?


  1. First one is the best. And currently my wallpaper is my latest book. Keeps me motivated.

  2. Alex, wallpaper can be a real motivator. For instance, never wear a Vader mask for the rest of your life.

  3. Nice collection out here...

  4. Thanks Neil. There are some talented wallpaper designers out there.

  5. I created four of them. :) Thanks!

  6. You're my new favorite artist then Simonz. Which ones?

  7. 1,3,6,10. Number 3 has a newer version than the posted one. Check out them on my site if you want: http://simonz.co.hu .

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