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P - Pac-Man: The Movie [Video]

P is for Pac-Man
If you remember the 80s then you remember Pac-Man and you'll love this fan film. Stay tuned for the action-packed finale.

Created by SteelehouseDigital it's better than 99.9% of video game movies.

To learn more about James Farr (the director, writer & actor), visit: http://www.jamesfarr.com/
For more information on PAC-MAN The Movie (The Fan Film), visit: http://www.projectyellowsphere.com/

Visit Steelehouse's official site at: http://www.steelehouse.com/

[Via YouTube via Fiz-x]

What did you think of Pac-Man: the Movie?

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  1. Borderline silly!
    That was my favorite game as a teen. Our local grocery store had one and I poured thousands of quarters into it.

  2. I wasted many a coin at the arcade for Pac-Man. I loved Ms. Pac-man, too.

  3. Seriously? There was a movie? I had no idea. 

  4. I used to love playing Pacman on our commodore 64 in 1982. Mostly everyone in my house queued and took turns on it.

    The awesome thing is our commodore 64 still works, 30 years later the rat eye fires up and its ahead warp factor 9.

  5. I remember the cartoon... I think they lived in Pacland... 

  6. I even dont know that such movie exists! Its very cool, I definitely will watch it with all my family, cause we are a very big funs of Pac Man! My son always download it from this useful service https://yepdownload.com/namco-all-stars-pac-man that always have only the latest versions of all games for Windows 10.


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