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Orion Women of 'Star Trek' Gallery [Star Trek]

O is For Orion Women
"They're like animals. Vicious. Seductive. They say no human male can resist them." Commodore Mendez Star Trek: The Original Series "The Menagerie"
Of the many alien females that Captain Kirk came across, none were more visually striking than the women of Orion. First appearing in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Menagerie," they captivated viewers.

Throughout the original series they were thought to have been slaves, but in the show Star Trek: Enterprise it was revealed that the women actually rule the planet and use the idea of slavery to take control of rivals. 

Here are eight Orion women from the television series and movies.

Editor: In case you feel some Dej Vu, this got accidentally published yesterday. I'm reposting it today.
8. Nera (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Played by Bobbi Sue Luther
7. D'Nesh (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Played by Crystal Allen.
6. Vina (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Played by Susan Oliver

5. Devna (Star Trek:The Animated Series)
Voiced by Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura on Star Trek: The Original Series)

4. Navaar (Star Trek: Enterprise)

Played by Cyia Batten

3. Maras (Star Trek: Enterprise)
Played by: Menina Fortunato

2. Gaila (Star Trek XI 2008)
Played by: Rachel Nichols

1. Marta (Star Trek: The Original Series)
Played by Yvonne Craig
Yvonne Craig went on to play Batgirl on the television series Batman.

What do you think of the seductive and powerful Orion women? Do you remember the episodes? Do you feel they are exploitative or empowered?
[Image Source: http://en.memory-alpha.org, http://www.beertripper.com]

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  1. By making them both sexy and dominant, I think they balanced Orion women.

  2. Sure do! I wrote about these bewitching lovelies in last years A-Z challenge!

  3. Oh, I think some writer was probably having fantasies about something a lot stronger than he could put on the air! teehee. I like the idea of ruling through pleasure and entertaining, though--not at all unlike my own nefarious plan.

  4. Well I'm gay so I'd rather have a planet full of Orion men

  5. Alex, it was definitely a good move to switch it up.

  6. Spacerguy, that's awesome. I'll have to look for your post.

  7. Hart, your blog definitely fits in with the master plan.

  8. Was Uhura's roommate in Star Trek [the new movie], an Orion girl? She was green.

  9. Green...not my favorite color...so consequently the Orion women just didn't do it for me!  :)

  10. M Pax, she was! She's number 2 on the list and the only Orion to have red hair.

  11. DL that's a tough one alright. I'm partial to purple women myself.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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