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How Indiana Jones Survived 'Nuking The Fridge' [Infographic]

I is for Indiana Jones
In the fourth movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) Indiana Jones survives the explosion of a atomic bomb by ducking in a refrigerator.

You'd think this kind of impossibility would be shrugged off in movies where people have their hearts torn out and skydive using lifeboats, but no.

Usually we can suspend disbelief because the plot and characters are engaging. This was not the case with The Crystal Skull. The plot and characters were so weak that we couldn't help noticing it.

It became a Internet phrase meaning the point in a "movie series when it has passed its peak and crossed into the level of the absurd."

While most believe its impossible to survive a atomic explosion in a fridge, writer George Lucas has said that he has scientific evidence that his odds of survival are "50\50."

Here's the scene if you haven't watched the film or don't remember it.

Let's take a closer look at the scene and see how Jones seems to defy physics and common sense to survive.
  • Thanks to the gracious help of PhysicsForums.com for the education in nuclear physics and math corrections. Most notably DaveC426913, Hologram0110, Mech_Engineer, and Rive.
  • "Alte Haas Grotesk" font by Yann Le Coroller
Do you think Indiana Jones survived "Nuking the Fridge?" Do you have a favorite Indiana Jones moment?

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  1. I side with George Lucas and the scene didn't irritate me like it did some people. I liked the last Indiana Jones movie. So there.

  2. Michael, there were some great moments in it I'll admit. After "Last Crusade" it was kind of a letdown though.

  3. I still don't buy it - he should've broken every bone in his body and been one big splat mark. I liked the movie once I saw it, but upon reflection, it was not good. Just so wanted to love it after growing up with Indiana Jones.

  4. "You'd think this kind of impossibility would be shrugged off in movies where people have their hearts torn out and skydive using lifeboats, but no."

    That's because viewers were children when they watched those movies & as adults they couldn't do it anymore. But Indiana fans seem to forget that these movies are for kids & always have been. Crystal Skull isn't worse than the other movies, it's just as silly. (I was dragged to the theater by a friend)

  5. The first time I saw it I really wanted to like it. But, after watching it a couple of times it doesn't make sense. It was nice seeing him with Mutt's Mom though. ***Spoiler-free statement***

  6. Funny!!!! The only commerical lead-lined fridge ever built! I must be a sucker, I bought it in the movie... but I still agree the movie did not live up to its predecessors. I'm a visiting A-Z blogger.

  7.  Yeah, and Karen Allen still looks great! Be sure you stop by tomorrow...

  8. You got it Alex. Karen Allen aged better than Ford to me.

  9. Margo, I'm so glad you liked it. That's why he's Spielberg. He can make us believe anything.

  10. PhantomZodak you make a good point. Like Star Wars we adults sometimes try to read more into a movie than necessary. :)

  11. Congrats on the /Film mention Maurice.

    For what it's worth, I didn't mind the film either.

  12. Thanks Colin. I didn't even know they picked it up till a few hours ago


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