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8-Bit Sci-Fi Movie Posters Take You Back To 1985 [Images]

Did you wish The Dark Knight had been an 8-bit Atari game from the 80s? If so, your dream has come true!

Eric Palmer has created a bunch of hilarious movie posters using a retro style.

The Matrix and Dark Knight ones are my favorite, but I love the Jurassic Park toilet.

Check 'em out...

There are a bunch more, so head over to his site to see more of his work. My favorite is the Titanic poster.

BTW, if you're looking for the A-Z post it's coming soon! Check back later.

Hat tip to Neil F. for the tip!

What do you think of the posters? Do they bring back memories? Which movies do you think he should do next?
[Image Source: behance.net]

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  1. The one for The 300 did it for me!

  2. Anytime buddy!

    And I agree with Cavanaugh- the 300 one is the funniest!


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