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Watch the TRON Dance [Video]

A Japanese dance troupe called the Wrecking Crew Orchestra created an extraordinary dance and light show using Tron-style lighted suits. The suits use lighted strips and tape to glow in the dark, and they use the illusion to seemingly teleport, duplicate, and disappear in time with the music. Awesome show.

What did you think of the video?
[Via Daily What]


  1. This Tron-style dance is awesome! Where do you find this stuff? I'm guessing that they are using infrared visors. How else can they see in the dark to do the dance?

    1. Good question. Either that or lots of coordination

  2. A little goofy but the suits are wild!

  3. Hi Geek Twins. Just visiting to make sure I'm following as your A to Z co-host. I am! Glad to have you.


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