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Get Back in the Kitchen, Wonder Woman [Video]

So apparently there's a YouTube series called "Hot in the Kitchen LA" (not to be confused with "Hot in the Kichen") where a beautiful woman named Luz with an extremely thick accent prepares vaguely food-like items that gives us an excuse to watch her. And apparently, they did an episode where she prepares a hero sandwich. And apparently she decided to dress up in a Wonder Woman-type outfit, because, you know...hero? Superhero? And I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but the sight of Wonder Woman in the kitchen making a sandwich is just too sexist for words. Which is hilarious. Next thing you know, they'll have Wonder Woman as a secretary, typing documents and making coffee. Oh, wait, they already did that in the comics.

Was this the most awesome or the worst Wonder Woman video you've ever seen?

[Via Topless Robot]

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  1. I always liked the female superheroes best. Guess that makes sense. I was annoyed they were usually sidekicks and didn't the stage to themselves. I liked Wonder Woman's awesome bracelets.

  2. Well, while this was pretty cheesy - and I'm not talking about sandwich ingredients - I'm afraid this does beat out the TV movie with Cathie Lee Crosby and Ricardo Montalban. Sorry guys. Luz is wearing something like the right costume and doesn't bore for 90 minutes. Wonder Luz FTW!

  3. Awesome in that she is dressed up in a Wonder Woman costume while cooking but the worst Wonder Woman in that she is teaching people how to make a sub.


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