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Will a Justice League Movie...Assemble?

With DC announcing plans to release movies with almost all of the "Justice League of America" regulars - Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash - a JLA movie may not be far behind. But, following Marvel's universe building will be a hard road to till.

Christopher Nolan has said he doesn't want cameos in his Batman or Superman movies, but, DC can force the issue or replace him. A new Superman script is in the works, pending a lawsuit by the Kirby estate, but if they just settle out of court they can move forward. We know Green Lantern will not have a Superman cameo, probably for legal reasons. The GL scriptwriter, Michael Green, wrote, "Any references you want to make to expand the DC world, we would enjoy." So, that could mean tie-ins galore. A Flash movie script is in development and could add cameos and world-building.

Warner Bros has been working on a live-action Wonder Woman movie for years since it would appeal to the female comic book fans. If they just add a scene with Superman flying overhead, or a copy of the Gotham Gazette they'd have the makings of a cross-over.

Marvel is riding high on the publicity of their upcoming Avengers movie, so DC cannot allow this golden opportunity to pass them by. If they do, they have no one but themselves to blame when Marvel crushes them at the box office.

TOSSUP: Which JLA member will make it to the screen first: Wonder Woman or The Flash?

Would you like to see a Justice League movie? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image from Alex Ross' Absolute Justice]

UPDATE: Minor spelling and grammar changes. Added links to Avengers.


  1. Wonder Woman movie would be epic. But, I have to say Flash may make it to the big screen first. A Justice League movie HAS TO HAPPEN! DC would be dumb not to jump at the chance they have in the next few years!

  2. I'm guessing Wonder Woman will be first, just because the character is more popular with the general public. Plus, there's a niche for superhero movies for women that hasn't yet been satisfied. Although I personally would like a Flash movie first. As far as the Justice League / Avengers movie, I would prefer the Justice League, just because I never thought a team with the Hulk and Iron Man in it was logical. But getting Superman and Batman onto the screen at the same time would be very difficult, especially if they get the original actors.

  3. With Terrence Howard getting the axe for IM2 and Ed Norton out as The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers movie maybe they could team up and play characters in an upcoming JLA production. I'm thinking Howard would make a decent Green Lantern. As for Ed Norton? The only characters suited would maybe be the Flash or Martian Manhunter ... then again, I'm no casting director. Heck, Robert Downey Jr. is such a good actor DC should hire him to play all the roles! Except maybe Wonder Woman.

  4. @KM A Wonder Woman movie would be great if they styled after 300. DC listen up and make the JLA movie happen!


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