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Chris Pine Calls His Boy Crush, Kristy Swanson [Video]

Chris Pine, Captain Kirk from the Star Trek (2009) movie, was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and mentioned his boyhood crush for Kristy Swanson from the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So of course, Jimmy got Kristy Swanson on the line for an awkward and entertaining conversation.

What did you think of the conversation? If you had to call your childhood celebrity crush, who would it be?
[Image Source: geektwins]


  1. That was hilarious! If I'd called up Erin Grey from Buck Rogers when I was a kid I would've ended up sounding like Twiki the robot.

  2. That was pretty funny. My high school crush died last summer. He was a hockey player.

  3. That was hysterical. I feel bad for him but laughed a long with everyone else. Starbuck or Han Solo. I'm afraid Harrison Ford looks too much like my dad now and that creeps me out.

  4. That's so sad :(

  5. If I had to call my boyhood crush, she would definitely be on my list. Her and Lynda Carter.


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